Below The Belt Part 28

For Part 1 of this story, read yesterday’s blog post.


Just as I thought my luck was running out with finding a plaything girl for a threesome with White Rabbit girl and I, the Secret Society stars seemed to align.

I was back in the UK for the Christmas holidays and White Rabbit girl was still in Poland. With nothing to do I started pinging girls that I’d slept with through the year around Europe to try to form a plan for New Year’s Eve.

A hot Moldovan girl got back to me who I’d smashed that summer. She’d been great in bed and very up for wild dominant adventures, but I remember her telling me at the time that she wasn’t into girls (although she’d kissed her female friend). I asked her what she was doing for New Year’s Eve and she said nothing, but that she could come to Warsaw where I said I was probably going to be.

This was my last chance to finish the year with a threesome for White Rabbit and I. It was worth risking the Moldovan girl saying no, so I started hatching a tentative plan over WhatsApp with the Moldovan:



Notice how her first reaction is negative. I reframe things by saying that the experience is for us, not for me, which is the correct frame for a threesome. She replies with a small green light, saying “just after I get enough of you.”


tom torero sexting game

Here the role play starts. She wants to be dominated by Santa. I’m happy to oblige.

I remind her of my fantasy …to be her Santa Claus but with White Rabbit as our “toy.” I start to build things up in her mind with erotic BDSM-style photo pings I find online…

tom torero sexting game 1

In the context of the role play she’s complying. Another green light with her “yes master”…

tom torero sexting game 2

Now I’ve got her complying, I push it further knowing that she’s in bed and the fantasy is building. Remember girls get turned on by the anticipation of an event and how it makes them feel, not dick pics that newbies so often send thinking girls are as visual as them.

tom torero sexting game 3

The Christmas tree photo is to fractionate things. I don’t want to over pull and seem too needy. The rest of that evening’s WhatsApp chat is comfort building and normal stuff – I don’t mention the threesome again that night.

For the following few days we plan logistics of how she’s coming to Warsaw and the AirBnB we’re going to get. I mix this rapport based stuff with more erotic photo pings and mental seeds. This is the end of one of the evening chats:

tom torero sexting game 4

tom torero sexting game 5

tom torero sexting game 6

tom torero sexting game 7

I’ve still not mentioned the threesome idea again. I’m just building things up with the role play and the theme of her being dominated. Note that I’ve already fucked her many times before during that year (anal too) and already dominated her heavily, so this is not just out of nowhere. She lives with a boring boyfriend (whom she rarely has sex with after six years) and hooks up with me for down-n-dirty sex.

I continue the theme of me as her master…

tom torero sexting game 8

tom torero sexting game 9

tom torero sexting game 10

Notice the photo ping of the two girls. This is a new reminder about the threesome with Rabbit Girl (who I’ve also been messaging separately telling her that I think I might have found a girl for a New Year’s orgy).

tom torero sexting game 11

tom torero sexting game 12

tom torero sexting game 13

I hope by now the Nice Guys are getting a glimpse of Secret Society truths this girl is writing in black and white. Remember she has a boyfriend back home, but absolutely loves the idea of dominant, controlling bad boy sex with me as the lover.

The following day she messages about what to pack. She tells me the dresses she’s going to bring. Once again I remind her of my threesome plan (without being too obvious)…

tom torero sexting game 14

tom torero sexting game 15

tom torero sexting game 16

tom torero sexting game 17

tom torero sexting game 18

In those last few messages I’ve gone full on BDSM, and most of the photo pings have two girls in them so she understands that the fantasy is going to happen. Because I’ve set the dominance-submission frame correctly, she’s not questioned it.

Two days after that thread I flew to sub-zero snowy Poland. The Moldovan had booked her ticket for the following day. Still unsure of if she was going to go along with the threesome plan in reality, I met up with White Rabbit girl for a coffee and together we went over the different scenarios of how we were going to pull it off. I explained how I’d lead it: meeting the Moldovan, taking her to a bar, then back to the apartment where I’d start ramping up the foreplay before giving White Rabbit a message to come over.

The following afternoon I went to the airport to collect Moldovan girl, nervous about whether she was going to go along with the plan or not…

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