Below The Belt Part 29

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this story before today’s conclusion….


In preparation for the possible threesome I’d had to go shopping the afternoon before Moldovan girl arrived in Warsaw. Because I only travel with carry-on luggage and didn’t want to go through airport x-ray security with handcuffs, a whip and a mask in my bag, I found a sex shop when I got to Poland and stocked up.

Remember that I’d slept with Moldovan girl and White Rabbit separately many times before, and for both of them it had already been all about domination, submission, role play and filthy sex. I’d used my infamous Torero belt on each of them, spanking their ass and tying their hands. What I’d not yet done was introduce the two girls to each other.

The following afternoon I went to the airport to collect Moldovan girl. We took a taxi back to the AirBnB apartment we’d rented for two nights for the NYE celebrations and straight away we got down to business. She’d travelled in a short black dress and heels and inside the apartment I pushed her up against the entrance hall wall and fingered her. It was good to see her again after our passionate summer of fun months earlier.

She unpacked her things and then we went to eat at a cafe just minutes away. It was snowing and the wind biting, so staying indoors was the only option. The plan was to have something to eat, warm her up with some verbals whilst getting the drinks flowing to calm both of our nerves.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’d already met up with White Rabbit the day before to go through the seduction plan (remember that she knew all about my PUA job and that I’d been nailing her hard for a year). When Moldovan girl arrived the following day I messaged White Rabbit the door code so she could let herself in later:

pickup texting

[NOTE: the Facebook timings are off by a few hours because of phone data syncing]

Dinner was over with Moldovan but I didn’t want to rush things and seem like I was trying too hard. Very slowly I turned up the heat as the wine flowed: we reminisced about our crazy summer of sex, the places we’d fucked, the phone sex we’d had. I dropped in that “my Ukrainian is excited to meet you later” to see her reaction. She was clearly nervous, saying that she didn’t want to share me or get jealous. I was updating White Rabbit from the cafe via Facebook Messenger.

Trying to seem as matter-a-fact as possible, I explained to Moldovan girl how it was White Rabbit’s last night in the city and that she was going to call round anyway with a bottle of wine to wish me Happy New Year (this was part of the plot White Rabbit and I had come up with the day before). Moldovan girl didn’t object, she was just a bit timid. I reminded her that White Rabbit was just our “toy” and it was really all about “us.”

One bottle of wine between us and we were both relaxed, telling each other about the fantasies we wanted to try. I asked Moldovan girl again about her experiences with girls, and she admitted she’d made out with a few female friends and rolled around in bed with one of them. I updated White Rabbit to tell her we were running behind schedule:

pickup texting 2

With Moldovan girl nicely warmed up, we paid the bill and went back to the apartment, opening another bottle of wine and fooling around on the lounge sofa. I knew I had to keep her warm so that by the time White Rabbit showed up, we were good to go. We made out, I fingered her again and opened a cupboard to show her some of the BDSM toys I’d got for later.

Moldvan sat on the window ledge, smoking a cigarette, letting the sub-zero frosty wind blow in. Down below the Christmas lights danced in the night sky as the light snow flurries continued. I’d try to escalate a bit more but she was purposefully putting some breaks on. She knew that White Rabbit was going to call round (under the pretext of the “NYE drink”) and was playing jealous already.

I messaged White Rabbit to say we were ready, even though I hadn’t started fucking Moldovan:

pickup texting 3

There’s always a nervous tension with FFM threesomes. I knew the full burden of responsibility was on me to orchestrate it and lead them both. When White Rabbit knocked on the apartment door we all knew what that meant, but didn’t want to verbalise it. White Rabbit had also put on a tight black dress with heels (as planned).

I introduced the two girls to each other and poured White Rabbit some wine. Luckily the girls’ native language was both Russian so they chatted between themselves getting the formalities of small talk out of the way. The tension was crackling. It was a very fine line – I didn’t just want to get down to business and seem over keen, but I didn’t want to let the temperature drop. We were all in a giggly kind of mood trying to dissipate the tension as we knew what was about to happen.

White Rabbit sat on the edge of the sofa while Moldovan girl went to the window to smoke. I went up behind her, put her cigarette down and started kissing her neck. Turning her around I started making out with her, first by the window and then on the sofa. I unzipped my trousers and got my hard dick out, bringing the Moldovan in to suck me off.  I signalled to White Rabbit to come and join in and started making out with her. That was the magic moment. The whole thing came down to this move. I brought the two girls’ faces together and they started kissing. As soon as the girls were making out, I knew it was a done deal.

I moved down between Moldovan girl’s legs and started to lick her out as White Rabbit carried on making out with her and playing with her large fake boobs. Remember that White Rabbit had far more experience with girl-on-girl action than me from all her bisexual adventures. Soon I was fingering Moldovan girl and getting her to suck my dick again as White Rabbit swapped over and went down on her.

From there it was one big glorious memory, perhaps the highlight so far of my pickup journey. Dresses came off, they were both on their knees sucking my dick one after the other as I pulled them in by the hair, then I was bending them over in turn and fucking them from behind as the other girl licked the other one out. White Rabbit and I knew we had to give Moldovan girl more attention, so as not to trigger the left out feelings that often happen in threesomes.

I can’t think of many things that are better in life than two very hot early twenties girls sucking your dick at the same time. I’d met them individually through daygame cold approach pickup – no Tinder, no online, no social circle, no night clubs, no provider game tactics. Just Secret Society hustling. I’d dominated each of them sexually during the year and now here we all were celebrating the last-but-one day of 2016 in an orgy. My frame control had gotten so much better in the last few years and I felt immensely proud.

“Can you go and get vodka?” the Moldovan asked as we were taking a break, the girls chatting in Russian. “Why? We’ve got the wine that White Rabbit brought” I said. “Please – just leave us for five minutes, we have a surprise..!”

I was suspicious that something was off as the girls were whispering and giggling, but I put on my jeans, layers, boots and coat and went down to the small 24 hour supermarket below near the cafe. I remember stepping out of the building into the crisp night air, snow falling, looking up at the cold sky and grinning to myself. I’d just pulled off one of the top heists of my daygame career.

With a small bottle of vodka I climbed the stairs to the apartment again and opened the front door. And there they were – the two girls in sexy costumes. Moldovan girl in a maid’s outfit and White Rabbit in a school girl outfit. They giggled as I congratulated whoever had brought the costumes along (turns out it was Moldovan girl…she’d brought the costumes for her to wear, but wanted to share with White Rabbit).

More alcohol flowed as the sex got more intense. Fucking them both on the floor, on the sofa, whipping them with my belt, handcuffing White Rabbit’s hands behind her back as I made her watch me dominating the Moldovan girl, then swapping over. Finally I led them both to the bedroom where there was a tangle of arms and legs as we fingered, fucked, sucked and rode. The whole thing ended with me shooting my load onto the two girls’ faces as they lay flat and I knelt up to cum.

getting laid daygame
The remnants of that night. Note my Torero belt.

To some guys in the league of Hugh Hefner or Mick Jagger, that story would seem pretty normal and even lame. To other guys reading it with little sexual experience, they’ll shake their head in disbelief and dismiss it as a figment of my imagination.

None of that matters. All I know is that in that apartment on that snowy penultimate night of 2016, I felt like I’d completed the Game. I’d had two FFM threesomes before but this one was different. This time I was fully in control, fully uninhibited and it was all so blatantly Secret Society stuff. The feeling was almost transcendental when I realised how far I’d come since my Nice Guy beginnings and my first fumbling attempts at pickup in late 2009. I felt the achievement, I felt the transformation, I felt the huge changes in my frame, and that’s all that ultimately matters.


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