Below The Belt Part 30


below the belt dirty talks

And so we reach the end of the “Dirty 30” month of blog posts with extracts from my new bookBelow The Belt. I sincerely hope by now you’ve got a good grasp on the workings of the Secret Society if you’ve read all thirty posts.

Here are some of the themes we’ve covered over the last month to summarise:

  • Nice Guy daygame vs Bad Boy daygame
  • Provider sex (Duty) vs Lover sex (Desire)
  • Attraction vs Arousal 
  • How and why girls cheat (including “good girls”)
  • The principles and rules of the Secret Society
  • Pre-approach calibration
  • Vanilla sex vs animalistic sex
  • Sleeping with religious girls
  • Attraction switches 
  • How to have a FFM threesome

If you’re still not sure whether you’re in the lover or provider dating box, listen to my new podcast on the ways in which a girl hustles you.

dirty sexy talks

The million dollar question for a new seducer is how to move from Nice Guy daygamer to something a lot faster and dirtier. How do you go from social to sexual pickup? If I was just an internet marketer I’d tell you to click on a link to a book or product which would solve your problems immediately.

The harsh reality is that it’s a long slog to get access to the Secret Society. Hundreds, if not thousands of hours of being infield, talking to girls, going on dates and learning to pull the trigger. Like anything of value, there’s no quick fix, no short cut and no magic pill. 10% is understanding the theory and models (which are all over this website) but the 90% is doing it for real.

Remember that 80% of guys (if not more) are firmly stuck outside the Secret Society. They’re chasing Disney dreams, plagued with Oneitis and the Purity Fantasy. They’re in dead-end relationships and lack the background knowledge to know why. Is that somewhere you want to be?

The good news is that its a learnable skill set, not a membership card you’re given at birth. If I told you that with 1-2 years of consistent practise infield you could be dating younger, hotter girls as their lover, in any major city in the world, would you knuckle down and get good? Many guys have put in the work and transformed themselves from idealistic, naive Nice Guys to playboy cads, showing that it’s possible whether you’re 18 or 55.

Want to get the basics of daygame, texting and dating down? Go here. Need to find a daygame wing in your city to kick you up the backside? Go here. Have massive approach anxiety and want me to coach you for free as an mp3? Go here.

At the same time, sort the fundamentals: your fashion, your grooming, your health, your posture and your voice. Daygame hustling will serve as the catalyst to changing all these things as the girls are the carrot-on-the-stick to transforming your life completely.

After years in the Game you’ll come full circle, one day looking at yourself in the mirror and realising how you’ve stripped away all the bullshit that accumulated from childhood to leave the wild man within. Sex is what you were put on this planet to do. You’re a lion with all the skills inbuilt to hunt for your dinner. I hope this blog series and eventual book has reminded you and inspired you to get to work at finding that beast once more.


Onwards & inwards,

Tom Torero, August 2017

2 thoughts on “Below The Belt Part 30”

  1. Thanks for this “dirty series” Tom, it’s been so useful for definitely realising how dynamics in the Secret Society work. Keep up the great job.

  2. There hasn’t been too many other things which have inspired me to take back control of my life like these blog posts have. Supremely entertaining and educational at the same time. I almost feel like a new man after reading these posts. Thank you, Tom. You’re a true revolutionary to men looking to take back control of the wheel they’ve been staring at for so long.

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