Daygame Dynamo: Stacking

In my new video series Daygame Dynamo I’m going over the basics of daygame to get beginners started. I’ll be giving away my nuggets of gold that I’ve been teaching infield for the last seven years. This is stripped down information just to get you going. If you want to go into more depth on these bite-sized topics I’ll be adding links and a short article below each video.


Today’s video is on the second stage in the London Daygame Model – Stacking. You’ve given the compliment and now you’re throwing out a guess about her to get her to give you a topic, without asking her any boring questions.

“What I noticed about you was….”

1. Geography: “You don’t look like you’re from here…I’m gonna say ….”

2. Job: “You look very creative/professional…I’m gonna say….”

3. What She’s Doing Right Now: “Your dreamy/speedy walk…you look like ….”


Beginners can keep it simple, but you’ll slowly want to start adding in a bit of spice with some teases and challenges (the fundamentals of generating attraction). Watch these two videos which explain how to twist your stacking with accusations to do this:


4 thoughts on “Daygame Dynamo: Stacking”

  1. Today, thanks to you Tom, I popped my cherry.

    After watching your beginners guide for day game and following the ups and downs of Charlie and Kevin, I decided to grow a pair and stop hot chicks in the local mall.
    You won’t believe it, the first girl knew me from way back (i’m 55 years old, she’s in her 30s) she took my number and sent me a whatsapp message saying we should get together sometime.
    Pretty good start, but i figured that doesn’t count, so next I approach a girl sitting at a coffee shop. I tell her “i saw you a minute ago and have to tell you look very nice” she smiled a broad smile and thanked me. I said “have a nice day” and walked away.
    Next a side stop, ending with “have a nice day” and me walking away
    Finally a front stop, tried stacking, forgot my lines and hit the eject button.

    So…here I am at your stacking video to prep for my next outing.

    observations: After the initial surprise of being approached, every girl welcomed being told they looked nice, and the look on the face of the ‘side stop’ as I walked away was priceless, she stared after me in awe, wanting me to stay and chat but sadly, i was too chicken shit and kept going. The front stop was very young (for me) in her early twenties, but was still open to talking with me.

    My screening process: Any girl that I would be proud to be seen walking around the mall with, and if these are the kind of girls i’m gonna be banging in the future then Hallelujah. Thanks Tom, your method of dealing with approach anxiety is priceless.

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