Daygame Dynamo: Vibing



Vibing is the third part of the London Daygame Model after you’ve gotten a topic out of her from your stacking.

The whole point of vibing is for you to tell a quick story that’s fun and flirty. She’s given you the topic (which hopefully you’ve listened to!) and now it’s your job to show her that you’re not boring, bland and logical. Your short story will contain teases and challenges to trigger attraction. Delivery is everything!

A good daygamer can improvise on any topic she gives, but a newbie needs some set structure. When I’m teaching vibing I get my student to learn these two stories that can be used for any place/job she gives:


Geography Story

“My friend went to ______________ and he said that it was a cool place – nice food, good weather, pretty girls….but he was in a bar downtown one night and he said that he was approached by two local girls. Very friendly. They were flirting with him, buying him drinks, then shots. Long story short – he woke up a few hours later in a park with no pants on. You’re not one of those girls are you?!”

Use this random country generator online to practise delivering the story.



Job Story

“My friend is a ________________ and he said that you guys look really professional and focussed, you work really hard, but when no one’s looking you’re checking your Facebook and swiping right on Tinder. He said that you get the job done but when you go out socialising you guys are some of the wildest. I think he was fired from his job for having such a good time….”

Use this random job generator to practise delivering the story.



In this Vibing video from a few years ago I talk about the same kind of thing, using the topic she gives you as a launchpad for such a follow-up story:

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