Daygame Dynamo: Verbal Escalation

For Part 3 of my Daygame Dynamo series we’re moving forwards from the actual daygame to the dating. The number one sticking point for guys on a date is sinking into too much rapport (“comfort quicksand”) and getting trapped in a friend-to-friend chat.

There’s two ways to keep a date on track – verbal and physical escalation. These make sure the dynamic is man-to-woman and that you’re moving towards seduction. Today we’ll look at my 5-step verbal escalation ladder:

  1. What’s your guilty pleasure / secret addiction?
  2. What kind of guys do you like?
  3. What do you like about me?
  4. Why are you single?
  5. When did you last have sex?


Copy these questions (or screenshot this page) onto your mobile so you can glance at it when you’re on your next date πŸ˜‰

Remember you’re spacing these questions out, weaving them in and focussing on the cheeky delivery of them. Be ready for your replies as she’ll ask you similar ones back!

Watch my full dating model below which takes you from bar to bedroom. If you want all of these steps explained in detail (and more examples of escalation) then check out my textbook Street Hustle for the complete Torero toolkit.

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