Daygame Dynamo: Physical Escalation

Part 4 of Daygame Dynamo is on getting physical with a girl during the first date. You’ve escalated verbally in the first venue and now you’re going to smoothly turn up the heat with touch in the second venue.

  1. Hands (finger length, pseudo palm-reading)
  2. Rings (placement, symbolism, stories, marriage jokes)
  3. Tattoos (placement, symbolism, stories, secret tattoos)
  4. Hair (length, colour, smell, stories)
  5. Kiss (drive-by then make-out)


Physical escalation has to be smooth and calibrated. Remember the aim is to get her back to your place to seal the deal, not to act like horny teenagers in a school disco. If you’re unsure of my full dating model then watch this video:


To see me doing this infield, check out my product Stealth Seduction. To read about a lot more techniques and scaffolding, get a copy of my textbook Street Hustle.

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