Tackling Approach Anxiety

Daygame - Tackling Approach Anxiety

Be like Garry. Copy how he’s tackling approach anxiety. Use the same “chunking” approach where you baby step the process:

  • log off, leave the house
  • head to a high concentration area (he went to the mall)
  • start with “hit-and-run” compliments on stationary girls
  • progress to compliments on moving girls (first side on then front)
  • work your way up to some simple stacking
  • relish the small wins (by noting them down)

Break the process down like Garry did. Set simple goals. Feel the satisfaction of meeting them. Go home and reflect. Set new goals for the next infield session. Rinse and repeat.

Most guys try to run before they can walk by jumping in front of catwalk models and trying to execute the perfect approach. Fuck that. Keep it simple. First the approach anxiety of daygame has to be tackled.

Great work Garry – you’re doing all the right things to achieve glory. I salute you for taking action rather than further procrastination.

Use my free mp3 audio infield to talk you through the same process Garry used:


2 thoughts on “Tackling Approach Anxiety”

  1. Great articles Tom! I am glad and thankful you are sharing your great wisdom with the world. I have been doing daygame almost everyday for about six months using the baby steps process. Starting with – What time is it? and working my way to honest compliments. But even after that much time I feel very scared to go and say a compliment to a random girl on the street. When I do I usually get positive reactions from girls but that does not make me more confident and with the next girl I still experience strong fear. I think its because of my mindset and I am trying to change that. Until now before approaching my automatic mental process was imagining bad outcomes of each approach like girls disapprove of me and disliking me, the girl getting scared and wanting to run away and just terrible negative reactions which make the approach very difficult to do. My question is am I on the right path of dealing and changing my mindset to more positive expectation of the approach? Or there is something else I am missing? Now my goal for each approach is just to make the girl smile by giving her a compliment and imaging her laughing and liking me. Is this the way to deal with my strong feelings of approach anxiety? Sorry for the long post and personal questions. I am asking you because I feel stuck and want to make progress. Your comments will be really appreciated! Thank you!

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