Tackling Approach Anxiety

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 03.54.38.png

Be like Garry. Copy how he’s tackling approach anxiety. Use the same “chunking” approach where you baby step the process:

  • log off, leave the house
  • head to a high concentration area (he went to the mall)
  • start with “hit-and-run” compliments on stationary girls
  • progress to compliments on moving girls (first side on then front)
  • work your way up to some simple stacking
  • relish the small wins (by noting them down)

Break the process down like Garry did. Set simple goals. Feel the satisfaction of meeting them. Go home and reflect. Set new goals for the next infield session. Rinse and repeat.

Most guys try to run before they can walk by jumping in front of catwalk models and trying to execute the perfect approach. Fuck that. Keep it simple. First the approach anxiety of daygame has to be tackled.

Great work Garry – you’re doing all the right things to achieve glory. I salute you for taking action rather than further procrastination.

Use my free mp3 audio infield to talk you through the same process Garry used:


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