A Billion Wicked Thoughts

Pull up a chair by the fire for the first Tom Torero book club podcast. This week I’m going over my notes from reading the book “A Billion Wicked Thoughts” (Ogas & Gaddam) on the big data of male/female sexual internet searches.


I’d definitely recommend reading the entire book, as there’s so much data in there which supports infield findings from the pickup world. If you were looking for hard evidence of Secret Society truths then this would be a great place to start. Differences between male and female sexuality, fantasies, porn, romantic fiction, cheating, lovers vs providers, dominance vs submission…the hard data confirms raw Red Pill truths on a grand scale.

Next week’s podcast book: Dataclysm (Rudder)


One thought on “A Billion Wicked Thoughts”

  1. Love your content Tom, been a fan since 2011 and was at Girlfriend Sequence recording. What a change in your game and what dedication to a cause. Bravo!

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