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Guys have been approaching girls during the day in towns and cities across the world for thousands of years. Biology is biology – if she’s hot, a guy somewhere will strike up a conversation to try and take things further. Most approaches in history would have been indirect and situational (if he doesn’t already know her through social circles). Many would have had to have secrecy and discretion.

So there’s nothing that new about “daygame.” But it is only in the last twelve years or so that the process has been named, defined, formalised and structured. Thanks to the internet, guys across the world have compared notes and pushed the envelope. Things have moved rapidly in the last decade and the model for daygame has seen a huge evolution.

In next week’s podcast I’ll be discussing the history and developments of daygame, but in this blog post I wanted to give an overview so that you can ask relevant questions before I record the show.*

I’ve been aware of the pickup community since 2005 when Neil Strauss published The Game. I started daygaming infield in late 2009 and have been doing it intensively since then all over the world. I started teaching daygame in late 2010 and publishing material on it every year since then. In that time I’ve seen a real change to the style and methodology of the art form, some of it instigated by my own change in daygame form and technique.

Like in any evolution of a sport, from surfing to video games, there are distinct time periods where certain trends and techniques dominate. I divide up the development of daygame into three periods – 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0:

evolution of daygame


DAYGAME 1.0 (Early 2000s – 2009)

This was the beginning of pickup advice being shared and tested thanks to the internet and early seduction forums. Most of the information was about night game in bars and clubs, but some guys like Ross Jeffries, David DeAngelo, Juggler, David Wygant and Vince Kelvin were encouraging men to talk to girls during the daytime.

The advice felt like an attempt to shoehorn night game routines and methodology into the day. It was very indirect, very friendly and very protracted. Looking back on it you’d say it was pretty “Blue Pill” in that it encouraged men to “find a dream girlfriend” through extended dating and elaborate material.

But we mustn’t knock it. Every discipline needs to start somewhere and if it wasn’t for the original pioneers like the guys mentioned (including Strauss himself) then very few of us would be doing daygame as we know it today.


DAYGAME 2.0 (2009 – 2013)

By the end of the 2000s things were changing. Night game was moving away from structured Mystery Method (although keeping the fundamentals) and daygame was becoming its own thing. Around this time an Australian called Alex Coulson released an infield product called Street Dating Revealed which showed him flirting during the day (with some basic direct approaches included). In New York City a suave guy called Paul Janka was also releasing infields – again a mix of indirect but also some smoother direct ones too. A British seducer called Sasha (the original wing of Mystery) was hitting the streets and chatting up girls – directly but in entertainer mode.

Down in London a guy called Andy Yosha had teemed up with a London PUA called Yad and together they began formulating a daytime version of the Mystery Method which they termed the Daygame Blueprint. This was a direct version of daygame but what today we might term “Purple Pill” in that it was still seducing in boyfriend mode. I started teaching with them in 2011 and releasing my own programmes in this style (Conversation King 2011, Date Against The Machine 2012, Girlfriend Sequence 2013). I also published my first book Daygame (2012) with a mixture of lay reports and early techniques.**

I was teaching the live programmes at first with Andy and Yad, and then with a talented daygamer called Jon Matrix. Together Jon and I taught hundreds of bootcamps and refined the Blueprint model, changing it over the years from infield revelations. At the same time an excellent London daygamer and writer called Nick Krauser was developing and refining his own version of the model though dedicated time infield. His theory books captured this evolution eloquently.

By 2013 I was travelling with Jon and then Nick. The model was shifting from the soft direct version based on attraction and slower dating to something a lot more stripped down and potent. We were all pushing things to the limit with Same Day Lays, fast escalation and a non-verbal form of daygame in lover mode.


DAYGAME 3.0 (2013 – Present)

By 2013 the “London Daygame Model” had been refined by Jon, Nick and I into what people recognise today. It was (and still is) a great framework model for getting beginners started with direct cold approaching during the day, but even though we were still teaching it we realised that our own form of daygame was shifting into something else.

Daygame 3.0 isn’t based on an alter-ego, a performance or a script. It isn’t focussed on attraction and getting her to be your girlfriend. Instead it’s fully “Secret Society” in that it’s all about arousal in lover mode. Non-verbal is prioritised (with touching starting early) and fast lays preferred. Things are congruent and internalised after years of approaching. It’s like a freestyle surfer riding the big waves after thousands of hours working his way up. There’s a “sixth sense” as intuition and flow replace structure.

You would say that this form of daygame is properly “Red Pill” in that its a distillation and manifestation of the truths of human evolutionary biology, applied practically infield. It’s under-the-radar, feral and efficient, with all the excess fat trimmed off.


Evolution Of Man

A guy who’s new to daygame has to still start with Daygame 2.0 concepts much like a new guitarist has to start with basic chords and scales. But in the last few years people like Krauser, myself and now a whole host of competent daygamers around the world have left the model behind for something a lot more freeing and spontaneous. Where will it go from here? As with any sport I think the fundamentals established in the first decade will remain, but it will become more specialised (e.g. gutter game) and perhaps more competitive.

Ready for next week’s podcast, leave any questions you’ve got about the history of daygame in the comments below.


* I’ve purposefully left out “Good Looking Guy Game” instructors from the timeline along with “Natural Game” coaches, as neither group has contributed anything theoretical to the evolved daygame model.

** My original wing Antony (from 2011) played a big part in moving things from indirect beginnings to the direct model with all its classic techniques and phases. Sadly he’s always wanted to be anonymous because of his career. 

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  1. Hi Tom, you mentioned high volume approaches in the 2.0 model to pre approach calibration in the 3.0 model. What are the criterias of pre approach calibration: eye contact, IOIs, body language before opening?

  2. Great summary Tom, I have been following you since around 2012 when I bought ‘Daygame.’ My question is as follows…what do you think of Nick K now?

    1. Word of warning on Krauser. I winged him in Prague a few summers back and quickly realised he was using me for vibe. He talked endlessly about politics and theory which drained the life out of me. The quality of girls he was approaching was surprisingly low. His overall manner is rather prickly and simmers with anger so I’m still pondering how girls don’t sense that.

  3. Excellent meta post Tom! I want to ask…when can someone start shedding the Daygame 2.0 scaffolding and move on to 3.0? I understand that the lines are a bit blurry and it’s probably a case-by-case basis, but I’m wondering if there are any specific boundaries.

  4. Excellent meta post Tom! I want to ask – when can someone shed the Daygame 2.0 scaffolding and jump to 3.0? I understand that the lines are a bit blurry and it’s more of a case-by-case basis, but I’m wondering if there are any potential guidelines (like maybe 20 daygame lays)

    1. How long it takes you to “swallow the Red Pill” infield is guy-dependent. For me it took over 100 lays and three years of active daygame. For others it might be 30 lays over two years. You’ll know when you’re daygaming in Secret Society mode as the seduction speed and results will speak for themselves.

  5. What are you most proud of in your teachings? From you I learnt elephant in the room and fractionating. I still use conversaion king methods and the twelve step model for my dating. So what i’m saying is i owe you a beer or five lol

    1. You’re more than welcome to buy me a Guinness Daniel. I’m proud of clarifying and articulating the early jumble of pickup information into actionable advice after all those bootcamps taught infield. “Universal Fractionation” was a key theory for me (what Badass Buddha was based on) along with Spiking and Elephant In The Room. Thanks for following my progress over the years.

    1. It all comes down to success infield. More lays, faster pulls, lover rather than boyfriend mode etc. For most daygamers that’s at least two years of solid game. You’ll know when you’ve reached the flow state of 3.0. Your results will speak for themselves (see below)

    1. Huge respect for Tyler’s deep understanding of the game (but not a fan of his self-help stuff). Big fan of Todd’s technical knowledge and style, along with Jeff’s Zero-Fucks-Given vibe.

  6. Daygame has seen nice version upgrades from 1.0 to 3.0 but what about results in the Daygame itself? Did they get upgraded as well?
    We used to measure how many lays you got on 100 approaches, but now the model and knowledge is different, results should be different too.

    What do you think, did results in terms of how many approaches you need to make to get a successful lay, got upgraded as well?

  7. 1) How the version 3.0 can be “vibe independent”? Does it mean that if a good seducer is not in a good mood, he can always have a lot of lays?

    2) How to communicate subtly with women (verbally)? The “Secret Society” is secret but how can we say to a woman that we know the Secret Society and convince her that she can cheat her boyfriend with us?

    1. Correct, Janka especially, but Jon has a real understanding of the mechanics that we refined and taught to hundreds of students. I’ve coached many good looking men that have struggled with daygame and are under performing with girls in general, so it’s not a given.

    1. Gunwitch (like Mode One) is overly simplistic and fits into the “Natural Game” branch that I mention. He’s the opposite of structure. I’ve got podcast plans for Matrix, Diggler and my original wing (Antony) in the near future. I’m no longer in touch with Nick.

  8. Hi Tom.. a little off topic but I insist to say it anyway.

    Although you are no longer active in Twitter, I’ll requote your best tweet that I’ve ever read in my daygame literature;

    “Play your daygame like a magician, your dating like a chess master and your endgame like a machine.”

    I NEVER found that such distilled and yet the most profound concept from any other sources so far. Surely can’t any simple than that, you’ve removed everything and leaving the only thing that works. I do think also that it’s work on meta level, though. Even only few guy ‘gets it’.

    My question is will you expand it thr last part, Tom? I could comprehend the two former, but still struggle grasping from the latter(and no, it’s not just about LMR/blueball topics, but it’s more like what on your mind when you’re doing about what you do).

    A little jibberish yeah, but Hope you’ll reply.

    Mucha gracias, Tom!

    1. “Play your endgame like a machine” means have a solid plan that you’ve tested through repetition. Get to the point where you can escalate on auto pilot. Remove the fear by doing it over and over.

  9. Your contribution to the field of daygame has been consistently outstanding. You are in my opinion one of the giants. It’s fitting that Dawkins was your tutor as that’s a direct lineage from Darwin. Your knowledge of evolutionary biology has transformed daygame and pickup forever.

  10. Hi Tom,
    Where does indirect-direct or plausibly deniable direct game fit in here? My initial thoughts were 2.0 – direct, 3.0 – I-D.

    1. Indirect-direct is just an occasional tool when the situation presents itself. It’s problematic as beginners use it as a reason to not go direct. I’ve been using indirect-direct in DG2.0 and 3.0 if it seems the right thing to do e.g. on an aeroplane or with a waitress. But for 99% of your daygame you should be “not hiding your dick” by going direct.

  11. Hi Tom,

    All of my leads and dates keep evaporating. I’m escalating and not hiding my dick both on the street and on any dates. I’ve had a few girls say they want to fuck or suck me off, but then they just disappear without ever following through. I’m not escalating verbally for the most part; just physically. I don’t understand why they’re going from turned on to ignoring me. Is escalating too much needy?

    Also a lot of the numbers I get respond to my initial texts but just won’t come out. What do you think I could be doing wrong? Thanks

  12. Can you comment on what makes guys that have been in the game for a long time turn purple pill and go on a spiritual awakening journey…Neil Strauss, Jon Matrix, Sasha daygame, Johnny Berba to name a few. There seems to be a trend where big time womanizers turn purple pill, go spiritual, seek god or get married.

      1. I’ve read the biology books and listened to your podcast, they’re great. It’s just very annoying hearing guys preaching the purple pill stuff. You and krauser are the only guys in the game i know of that truly “get it” It would be great if you could do a podcast debating this with Jon. I’m sure there is a bigger reason than choosing to ignore the truths of the red pill.

    1. Strauss was always a fairy. Very 1.0 game. Berba had negative game, his skill level was truly awful but great Youtube click bait. Sasha was not bad but cringey because it was so try hard. Only Matrix had real skills. Sad to see him out of the game. And to my question Mr Torero…who else that you’ve seen infield has really impressed you?

      1. Daygamers who I’ve winged with that have been outstanding infield include: Antony (my original wing from 2011), Jon, Craig and a low profile guy called Ian. For night game I can vouch for Beckster, a cheeky chap par excellence.

  13. Bob, I don’t agree that Krauser fully “gets it” because of his extremely conservative views and purity fantasies. He seems stuck in the anger phase of unplugging and unable to reconcile red pill truths with his purple pill quest to “save western civilization from the bad guy.” Did you ever ask him about this in person Tom?

  14. Hi Tom

    I know I am getting ahead of myself here but If there is a Daygame 3.0, what would be the Daygame 4.0 ? Is there something you predict will happen? I love all your teachings, but even a teacher must learn from somewhere, and I don’t mean only by going out there and practice what you already know works. Is there something that even a great teacher, like you are, needs to look up to? For all people who love your stuff and look up to you, you must have someone similar in order to refine your skills and keep on learning along the way.
    Hope all made sense!
    Been following you ever since 2014 and love your podcast! Keep on going Tom!

    1. Any sport, hobby or academic subject will of course keep being stretched and refined, but once the fundamentals are in place then I think further developments will be about micromanagement. Think of surfing – the basics can’t change, only tweaks here and there.

      You’re spot on that everyone has to look up to someone and keep pushing their own skill. I admire the guys in their 40s and 50s who are still out there single and hustling. They’ve not only got a goal (bang the hot girl) but a proper mission (to live freely and happily).

  15. Hey Tom. Your influence has altered the course of my life in a positive way. I shall always be indebted to you. Thank you helping me to grab and twist life by the horns 😉
    I’ve two questions:

    1) I believe there are too many concepts to learn in 2.0 itself like open (smile, voice, body language), stack, topic, vibe, hook, invest, close, self-ammuse, active listening, cannot eject, pass shit tests, handle social pressure, don’t be a clown etc. I always think I need to learn further. As a result i feel stuck and this may result in boredom. I feel overwhelmed by having to learn so much theory and this prevents me from getting in the flow state. (I’ve got 3 lays in 1 year in 200 approaches) How do we realistically measure our progress?

    2) There are times when I’ve opened a set and she is positively responding and things are progressing perfectly. But I give up due to loss of energy. Isn’t vibe important then? I agree that skills come first but I reckon vibe is also important, right?

    1. 1) You don’t learn the 2.0 model as theory. It can only be internalised by DOING. Just like with tennis or surfing, this is a physical sport. Break it down: first learn the basics, then add on more and more techniques. Measure your progress with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgLBWej72is

      2) Vibe really matters to a beginner, and slightly less so to an intermediate. You’re making your body do something unnatural. But an advanced daygamer is doing it on auto-pilot, so vibe is not so key.

  16. Hey Tom. Your influence has altered the course of my life in a positive way. I shall always be indebted to you. Thank you for helping me to grab and twist life by the horns 😉
    I’ve two questions:

    1) I believe there are too many concepts to learn in 2.0 itself like open (smile, voice, body language), stack, topic, vibe, hook, invest, close, self-ammuse, active listening, don’t eject, pass shit tests, handle social pressure, don’t be a clown etc. I always think I need to learn further. As a result I feel stuck and this may result in boredom. I feel overwhelmed by having to learn so much theory and this prevents me from getting in the flow state. (I’ve got 3 lays in 8 months in 200 approaches) How do we gauge if we are progressing in the right direct at right pace?

    2) There are times when I’ve opened a set and she is positively responding and things are progressing perfectly. But I give up due to loss of energy. Isn’t vibe important then? I agree that skills come first but I reckon vibe is also important, right?

  17. Hi Tom, having followed you for a while I understand daygame and how it works. I have done a little myself but having a girlfriend currently has stopped that (for now). I don’t have oneitis and honestly think the relationship has an end date BUT in this relationship however I am quite happily having fetish styled kinky sex often, with an 8. The reason I message you is because although it is common to achieve bdsm styled dominant sex sleeping with a woman one time, sex involving the few fetishes I have doesn’t seem to be achievable with fast one time lays which is the mainstay of daygame. I feel this way because my gf and I have agreed that we wouldn’t have been comfortable having the sex we now do, on the first, second, even third occasion, and that it only occurs now due to developed comfort over time. So with this in mind, is more specialist fetish styled sex and initial lays in daygame compatible? Or would I more often than not have to develop mini relationships to achieve it?
    Hope that makes sense,
    Many thanks

    1. Thanks for your reply Tom. I have checked out your dirty 30 series and I like. But it doesn’t however talk much about girls being open about anything beyond bdsm styled rough sex. I can see how bdsm is achievable as it plays into male female sexual polarity and is a common fantasy, but I can imagine things like tickle fetishes, foot fetishes, food play fetishes or basically anything similar would not be enacted on for feeling to personal in the first instance for both guy and girl? Maybe second or third instance too. Would I be right or have you had girls be open about these kinds of things straight away?

      1. I’d fuck them “normally” in fast lover mode (on first date) and then on subsequent fucks introduce more and more fetish stuff. But don’t do long drawn out boyfriend mode “dating”

  18. Hi Tom! Thanks for everything you do!
    Maybe the future version of the Daygame model (daygame 4.0) will reduce again the time of the pull and suppress completely the date in a bar. The girls will come directly at home (by sexualizing by texting (SMS) and then invite her directly at home). Do you think it is possible?

    1. That already happens (see some of the fast pulls on Stealth Seduction) but it’s rare. With the “gutter game” form of daygame you’ve got a higher probability, but remember that girls need plausible deniability and implicit (rather than explicit) seduction. Listen to the podcast on rapid escalation to hear why it’s not the most effective strategy in general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqLM0aPQ2UA

  19. Hey Tom, does your Daygame text Street Hustle cover Daygame 3.0 or is it 2.0 ? Just realized you released it last year but the post was made recently

  20. Hey Tom, for the purple pill guys out there, me still included, what would you do differently in the Daygame 3.0 model if you wanted to get a girlfriend/get married?
    From my experience some girls get buyers remorse if the pull was to quick (SDL/first date sex) and you never see them again.
    Would you do a 2-3 date model in that case, and take it a little bit slower, maybe even an adventure bubble, or would this things put you in the “make him wait box”?
    Did you get more boyfriend requests back in the day or now?


    1. Secret Society sex in 3.0 mode can be converted down the line to a girlfriend / long term partner (after a few months of just being fuck buddies). I always preach SEX FIRST, RELATIONSHIP LATER. You can slow things down slightly to 2-3 dates but make sure you’re not hiding your dick. You can go from lover to romantic but not romantic to lover.

      1. How about from your oqm experience, Tom?

        Have you ever had long term partner from daygame v.3.0 model? (No judge here)

        Actually I doubted if you ever considered to have one(LTR)? Is it true?

  21. Hi Tom,

    I don’t drink alcohol due to health issues. How can I incorporate venue changes on my dates if there’s no drinking involved? Do you think the escalation portion is any different if me or the girl don’t drink?

    Love you stuff mate, you’ve changed my life!

  22. Hi Tom,

    I am of those older guys 53 been daygaming since 2012 but been also out of it between end 2014-to half 2016.What i noticed that is doing just couple of approaches lets say 3 gave me more succes then doing 12.
    I know a couple a very dedicatef daygamers in holland but none them are doing that well i surtainly never came across a daygamer with 100 lays so i wander if holland is suitable for daygame in my view you get more friendly and better reactions from eastern european and brasilian girls then the women of holland.

  23. What’s your opinion on the relationship between marketing and the evolution of game. It seems that many of the “pros” try to differentiate themselves in order to sell a product.

  24. Hi Tom, I have been watching your recent youtube videos on stacking and teasing girls to get a topic and have since started doing like you do in your street improv for daygame video mentally practicing on girls I walk past. I have noticed though that some girls, although hot, just look drab and uninspiring, e.g. entirely generic, safe, and like a plain Jayne. Ovbiously I can’t approach and say that as it would sound like a neg, but what could I say instead to girls who literally provoke nothing fun or exciting as topics, characters or animals to stack with?

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