Daygame Intel

I stopped off in London for 48 hours on my way east to finish documentary filming, do a meet up and shoot this video all about gathering “daygame intel” whilst out hustling and dating. Cheers to all the guys who came to the South Bank to say hello yesterday 🙂


Below is an expanded list of key intel that you should be looking out for on the street and in your date venues:

NB: If you’re new to daygame and cold approach pickup, forget these lists for now and just approach and escalate. It takes a while to get calibrated to these signals. 


On The Street (Pre-Approach Calibration)

  1. Speed of her walk
  2. Swaying hips (ovulation)
  3. Tighter fitting / revealing clothes (ovulation)
  4. Alternative fashion
  5. The area she’s in
  6. Time of day she’s out
  7. Indicators Of Interest (IOIs) or Approach Invitations (AIs)


On The Street (In Set)

  1. Choker / piercings / tattoos
  2. Alternative / outsider vibe
  3. Solo tourist
  4. 18-21 years old
  5. Dreamy / artistic
  6. Speed of hook
  7. Anime eyes
  8. Flushed cheeks
  9. Acceptance of proximity
  10. She touches you
  11. Ambling / care-free / no plans


On The Date

  1. What she turns up for the date wearing
  2. What time does she have to be home?
  3. Where does she live?
  4. Who does she live with?
  5. Are her parents still together?
  6. What kind of movies / music does she like?
  7. Has she travelled alone?
  8. Is she adventurous / a risk taker?
  9. What kind of guys is she attracted to?
  10. What time does she have to get up in the morning?
  11. Compliance to your verbal / physical escalation
  12. Depth of her eye contact
  13. If she touches you
  14. If she asks where you live

2 thoughts on “Daygame Intel”

  1. Hi Tom,
    Couldn’t make the meetup yesterday, had a date. Quick one: are anime eyes/eye sparkle/eye spazz etc. all the same thing (as in where her eyes seem to flit between each of your eyes very quickly)?

    1. All those terms are the same – it’s the doggy-dinner-bowl look a girl gives with deep eye contact that’s sexualised. The flitting is more of a shit test to see if you’ll flinch.

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