Leave Her Guessing

Be enigmatic with girls.
Let her hamster wheel mind spin and try to fill in the blanks. She’ll do the attraction-building work for you when you’re not even there. Ambiguity and suspense keeps her coming back for more.

Women love trying to “tame the wild man” and figure him out. It’s at the heart of every chick flick and romantic novel. Be the puzzle that she longs to solve, the unpredictable guy who’s both hot and cold. Some practical examples include:

  • Start conversational threads and then cut them mid way through (“open loops”)
  • don’t answer her questions logically (or at all)
  • wear a few interesting items (ring, pendant, watch) with a cryptic story (“peacocking”)
  • make sure your Facebook / Instagram has a photo stack that feeds her curiosity 
  • have a stockpile of intriguing DHV stories that have been tried and tested
  • leave items in your apartment that will trigger her imagination (trinkets from other girls, mementos with backstories)
  • use vacuuming / ghosting to create tension loops (as discussed in Podcast 125)


Such enigma is one of the key traits of Most Interesting Man In The World Game, as caricatured in the Dos Equis commercials:

The danger with this kind of Game is that it can seem try-hard (if you’ve not got the real world experience to back it up) or that you’re being too evasive for a suspicious reason. Thus it’s a balancing act to find the enigmatic sweet spot which I’ll talk about in the next podcast.

7 thoughts on “Leave Her Guessing”

  1. Great points as always master T. Last paragraph especially: a reminder that just a little goes a long way.


  2. Do you think these attitude works on most girls? How many girls reject you from begining? How many on the fist date?


  3. Tom, is DLV (ie self depreciation) better than DHV in game?
    I’ve deactivated facebook, instagram weeks ago i feel im not a social media guy
    what do you think of being myseterious in this way


      1. I’m broke as hell now, am working towards little by little success
        thanks, keep up your good work, i’ve been learning your stuffs over a year and half now
        the main reason why i deactivated social media is i’m not the type of guy seeking external validation, which is a big part of OI


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