Intermittent Reinforcement

Intermittent Reinforcement In Daygame

Following on from my last post on Leaving Her Guessing, a technique today that is like cocaine to humans (and most animals).

Intermittent Reinforcement is perhaps one of the most powerful motivators on the planet. It’s at the heart of push-pull and why “drama” works, defined by the behavioural theories of B.F. Skinner:

“A conditioning schedule in which a reward or punishment (reinforcement) is not administered every time the desired response is performed”

The opposite would be Continuous Reinforcement – the mouse pulls a lever and gets food delivered every time. In the case of Intermittent Reinforcement the mouse would only get the food some of the time (it is typically random and unpredictable). This triggers the behaviour (mouse pulling lever) to last longer than if it were continuous.

Why is this so vital to understand with daygame, pickup, girls and Game? Because it’s at the heart of how her brain is wired. In the same way that slot machines are so addictive because they’re based on Intermittent Reinforcement, so too are the bad boys who give random, unpredictable doses of affection and then door-slamming drama.

This mechanism of creating fear of losing a relationship is the explanation for all the millions of pining love letters, songs and poems. The dopamine hit and then withdrawal creates a literal addiction that keeps us in its grip.

A dark technique? Yes, but girls are using it instinctively on men all the time. Hot and cold, off and on. You know that feeling all too well – checking your phone every two minutes to see if she will or won’t text you back.

In this week’s podcast I’ll go in to applying the technique practically to get her chasing.

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  1. Reading this after just sending a text that could’ve waited until tomorrow. Now I’m the one waiting… *slowly shakes head*

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