Signs You’ve Lost The Frame

Top 10 Signs You've Lost Your Frame In Daygame

“If she’s in your frame then you’re an alpha. If you’re in her frame then you’re a beta”

Tom Torero


Warning Signs:

  • You’re investing more than she is (i.e. you’re chasing and being needy)
  • You put her on a pedestal / White Knight for her
  • You’re Mr Nice Guy – agreeable and egalitarian 
  • You’ve abandoned your male friends and hobbies
  • You have no other leads / options
  • You’ve stopped approaching other girls
  • You believe she’s “not like all the rest”
  • You’ve gone from sexual to comforting / nest-building
  • You ask her permission to do things and let her lead
  • You’re overly emotional and reactive

13 thoughts on “Signs You’ve Lost The Frame”

  1. Love your stuff Tom, always clear and well explained. I’d say the most important one if having other options as all others tend to lead on from that.

  2. Girls will be testing your frame, till she feel you’re unreactive/uncontrollable by her feminine imperative (ie being a sex positive MGTOW), she’ll disappear by herself, this is how human works.

    I’ve had one particular girl, i knew she was chasing me from the start, the texting, the willingness to drive to see me, when she senses i’m sexist due to red pill knowledge being spread out on the forum (i met her on that forum, and i should’ve avoid doing so) but i couldn’t control myself because i was being exposed to red pill rage at the start.

    1. Rage is a Demonstration of Lower Value (DLV) which is why she lost interest. That’s why it’s vital to get through the anger phase and improve your vibe. The frame testing by girls never stops (it’s a normal, healthy part of her unconscious biology) but you can learn to enjoy it by passing the tests.

      1. Maybe you don’t agree with me but for me, once you lost the frame it’s impossible to get it back OR if you don’t have it at the beginning, to get it later.

        [So by definition you don’t believe in Game, just filtering for Yes/No girls. T]

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