Beta Bait

How to Maintain Frame and Avoid Beta Bait

Today’s video is about a very subtle form of frame control that girls do to weed out weak men. You could call them a form of Shit Tests but they’re a lot more nuanced because usually they’re not questions but statements.

Beta Bait is like a honeytrap for needy guys to over-invest and kill attraction. Some examples I mention in the video include:

  • Liking / commenting positively on her social media photos
  • Helping her with her problems / being her Gay Best Friend 
  • White Knighting and telling her you’re “not like the bad guys”
  • Falling for her sex talk when she’s really just testing your thirst 


Want me to write more posts on advanced Game topics? Let me know below, and if you’ve got particular topics you’d like more details about. For now you can feast on all the Torero theory you want by reading my textbook Street Hustle.

14 thoughts on “Beta Bait”

  1. Would you talk about shit test in conservative area? Like I don’t sleep with the guy the first night. I’m virgin. I’m not a fun girl,..
    What’s the difference between Daygame and street hustle book?Would you put street hustle

      1. Tom, have you ever had women ask to bring a friend along? I’ve had this a few times (usually Chinese) and still not sure what to make of this one. I don’t know if it’s a test, and not sure quite how to respond. Would appreciate if someone could shed some light on this dynamic.

  2. Just a bit of clarification on “agree and amplify” concept. I notice you didn’t use it when you gave the sex talk example and toned down the response. Does that mean you agree and amplify only when appropriate?

  3. Great video Tom, definitely interested in seeing more videos of the less-talked about aspects of daygame, I never fully understood the concept of beta bait till this video, and realized exactly where I fucked up on a past date with a Ukrainian.

    By the way, do you have a video on overcoming LMR / just-before-sex escalation for a young (likely virgin) girl who’s relatively inexperienced? I did look at the Stealth Seduction ‘Virgin’ video, but wondering if there’s any other content you have on this?


  4. Hi Tom
    Interested to know:

    1) What’s your advice for improving quality? What comes first quality or quantity? Or are there milestones for quantity and then once you’ve reach that maximise quality?

    2) Do you think your aim for number of sets and length of session should change as you become more advanced? i.e. intermediate and past the AA stage. At first I would always do my ten in two hours, even if it meant pushing myself into sets I didn’t feel much for. Now I’m a lot more picky and treat it more like the gym idea of “6-8 reps per set”.


  5. Hi Tom: first of , thank you for giving us such good advice and so much value. You mentioned in the portion when the girl starts talking about her problems and sad issues, what should we do?! Walk away, excuse ourselves change the subject, how do we do that with out looking like an ashole?

  6. Here’s one that happened last night at a night club.
    Girl and her friend starts dancing with me and my friend. After dance I approach, and she’s very clingy. we take selfies together. Then she tells me she has just broken up with her boyfriend of 7 years, was 15 now 22. And shows me picture of the woman that her boyfriend slept with; she sayings how that other woman is not pretty, how that other woman’s her teeth are terrible etc I said he was was a fking idiot. But after watching this, that probably was just too white knighty?
    Thoughts/ suggestions for this and in general when they bring up a recent break up topic.

  7. Tom, as you suggested at the end of your video about Beta Bait, it would be great if you could go into nuanced topics, including more examples of Beta Bait and how to avoid taking the bait. Thank you for your magnificent work 🙂

  8. I’m curious if this would amount to “Beta Bait” – when girls who seem interested in you ask you specifically for favours / help. One girl in particular (met 3 times for dates, kissing & touching but no sex yet) asked me to help her move stuff from one apartment to another as she doesn’t have a car. How would you react in such a circumstance? Assuming you had the time to do it. I would love to hear your thoughts about this, and favour-requests in particular.

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