Male Neediness

Male Neediness

Neediness is the Number 1 attraction killer. So why do many men display needy patterns of behaviour both in their daygame and in their relationships?

The main answer is scarcity. He’s not got any other options so he’s overly focussed on one girl. He’s lost the frame with her, putting her on a pedestal and losing all his leverage. Oneitis is a tragic thing.

Neediness is really over-investment on the man’s part. He’s in chase mode, constantly trying to “win over” the girl. This intensity is repulsive for the girl because she senses his low Sexual Market Value due to his lack of options. The stench of desperation is nauseating.

So what’s the solution for male neediness? For 99.9% of guys it’s to banish the scarcity with dating more girls. Get abundance. Go out and daygame, gather more leads, go on more dates, have more casual sex, spin more plates. Immediately you’ll care about any particular girl less, and other girls will sense this.

For the 0.01% of the global male population who are experienced players and cads, the neediness they might be feeling even after hundreds of notches is most likely to do with affection addiction. They’re missing out on oxytocin from bonding. Listen to the podcast to find out more about this.

Along with getting abundance, the majority of guys need to get to grips with real world biological truths. Their idealistic Disney beliefs about women and relationships are adding to their needy behaviours by blinding them from the root causes. If you’re in need of some raw Red Pill truths, start here.

Want to see what a needy Tom Torero looks like? Well here you go…

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  1. You are a real badass Mr Torrero. You walk the walk and I find your zero fuck given vibe so great. Will you release more frame hacks in future? Much thanks Tom from Brazil!

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