Cult Of Personality

Cult Of Personality

In a forthcoming podcast I’m going to be looking at the biological principles behind real life powerful, charismatic males with magnetic influence, what’s known as a “cult of personality

“When an individual uses mass media, propaganda or other methods to create an idealised, heroic, and at times worshipful image”

Dark Triad traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy are turned up to the max meaning women (as well as men) are drawn to such personalities like moths to a flame.

From Escobar to Putin, O.J Simpson to Trump, we’ll go through the common elements that make such men idolised to the extreme and the pickup lessons we can learn from them.

As homework for next week’s podcast you can put your feet up with one or more of these documentaries that all explore men with cults of personality:


1.  The Source Family


2. Gringo: The Dangerous Life Of John McAfee


3. My Scientology Movie


If you really want to be a straight A student ready for the podcast, read a copy of Robert Greene’s “48 Laws Of Power” and see if you can join the dots between these documentaries.

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