Be Enigmatic With Girls


This week’s daygame podcast explores the importance of being enigmatic with girls to create attraction. Why does the Most Interesting Man In The World Game get her chasing? What techniques can you use to keep her coming back for more?

A summary of the points made in the podcast can be found in this article on leaving her guessing. Learn to spin the hamster wheel of her mind to make her addicted to you.

4 thoughts on “Be Enigmatic With Girls”

  1. The value you give to the community is overwhelming Tom. Since publishing your first book in 2012 you have not stopped shedding new light on the subject of pickup. I have learned a tonne of stuff from you brother. So thanks and don’t stop!

  2. Hey Tom, good to hear you’re doing a video on long game. I go to university somewhere rural and take weekend trips to NYC every few weeks for daygame and dating. The girls I don’t get out in 1-2 days turn into long game leads.

    I feel it’s much harder to keep the flirty texting banter going over a 2+ week period – for most leads, after a week or so it either feels too fizzy / contrived, sinks into comfort, or falls off. Generally I think the challenges of long game are just harder versions of the challenges of regular texting, but do you have any specific long game advice or tricks for keeping girls on the radar for a few weeks so I can date request?

    More specifically,
    -How does your mindset for long game differ from regular texting?
    -I feel like the balance must be shifted a little bit more towards rapport – is this right?
    -What’s the optimal (minimum) number of ping conversations per week on avg. you’d recommend? Any tricks to minimize the amount of texting required?

    Thanks for doing what you do – rock on Uncle Tom

  3. How about an advanced stacking and vibing podcast?

    Given that the first minute is so important and that the vibing really is a complex mix of your status, freedom, masculinity, wildness…yet at the same time, usually you need a playful push in there and you don’t want to go too overboard with it and lose that ”law of least effort” essence…this would be a great subject.

    I think part of the vibing is calming them down and carrying the weight of the initial interaction so they can experience you and you can lead and set the tone of the ”dance”. You are PENETRATING them with your ”world”.

    Back up stacks? If the first one falls flat, and you freeze up, she will get nervous and eject.(throw out something else you want to talk about-It’s your world-she’s just in it)

    Times when you can open in comfort/rapport?

    Knowing a girl is interested or just chatty? Like moving her

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