Playing Fair?

Playing Fair? - Idealism In Daygame Is A Dangerous Thing

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Does the gazelle ask the lion to “not use manipulation”? Does one football team ask the other to “be themselves” and not use tactics and strategies? Does life on Earth follow idealistic or realistic properties?

The comment left on one of my videos is common of the Nice Guy mindset who wants the world to “play fair.” By shaming pickup as “immoral,” “sneaky” and “manipulative” then such guys are misunderstanding the realities of the world and getting burnt because of it.

In the past I’ve explained this is why I disagree with the “radical honesty” doctrines in books like Mark Manson’s “Models.” It’s Purple (or even Blue) Pill dream world thinking in that it ignores the central tenants of biology. Play or get played. Hustle or be hustled.

As much as we all wish the world was based on equalism, harmony and love, biological realities wake us up. Girls have a sexual strategy just like guys. Girls tell as many (if not more) lies as you to try and win. The female manipulation toolkit is just as advanced as any top player – push up bras, makeup, airbrushed selfies, stealth plate spinning, Secret Society liaisons….the Nice Guy would be shocked to know what she’s up to.

The world is not fair. Life is a game. Either learn the rules and level up or forever be at the mercy of those who have.

4 thoughts on “Playing Fair?”

      1. I have read Manson’s book, his idea is very similar to the idea of Alan Roger curry, if you want to fuck a girl, just go up to her and tell her you want to fuck her, even if you just met each other (day or night). This doesn’t work, but by the same token, your article is vague. Where does one draw the line with regard to manipulation tactics? I met a girl and I just want to fuck her, she doesn’t mind as long as we are exclusively in a relationship with each other. Do you encourage one to do “whatever it takes to get the pussy” I.e. should I tell her ‘yes I will be your bf’ and then pump and dump her like the typical asshole or do you discourage this. The morality line is very very thin . Wouldn’t you agree ?

        [You’re applying morality to something that is amoral. Evolutionary principles are like the laws of gravity or a kitchen knife. They just are. TT]

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