Tom Torero Interview

Interview With Tom Torero In Japan

This is the original English version of an interview I did that was translated into Japanese for a Tokyo-based website, on 17th October 2017 –  楽しんで 😉 


Are you the Welsh James Bond?

I wouldn’t say that – I think the infamous Welsh drug smuggler Howard Marks deserves that lofty title (and he was actually in MI6 at one time). But I am a Bond fan, especially the books and the Connery / Craig films. 

What is your favourite place to travel?

If you mean for daygame, then it would be New York City or Moscow. For wilderness it would be Canada, New Zealand or Iceland. And for all-round living it would be Japan (I’m not just saying that for your readers). It’s so calm, clean and efficient but so eccentric and kinky at the same time. I’m returning to Japan in November. 

What is your favourite lay of the year so far?

It was the one in Sydney on the World Tour with the dreamy Canadian. The three days with her were intense and cinematic. Great sex plus coastal walks, good food and chilled music. The hustling stars aligned and it all came together in more ways than one. 

Why the name “Torero”?

In 2007 I spent a year in Spain as a teacher in a British School. I tried some basic indirect daygame approaches there (asking for directions) and started to keep a log of my results on a locked blog for myself. I had to come up with a name so I chose the English translation of “bullfighter.” 

Who in professional pickup do you admire?

I don’t watch much pickup content or read many sites but I’ve always been a fan of Todd and Jeff from RSD. Todd for his technical Game knowledge and Jeff for his true gangster spirit. I still regularly re-read “The Mystery Method” for inspiration. 

Do you think your Biological studies at Oxford helped?

Certainly – it means when I got into pickup theory I wasn’t starting from scratch. I’d read Dawkins, Dennett, Ridley and Buss as part of my course, all of whom are pillars of the ‘Red Pill” library. As soon as I got infield, I saw the living proof of these theories on male-female dynamics. 

What is the one key piece of advice a beginner hustler should learn?

Take action. Log off forums (even this one) and close your laptops. Hit the streets to get feedback from reality. The girl is your mirror. Learn from the reactions you’re getting. First it’s about developing social awareness. Secondly it’s about learning to generate and spot attraction. Finally it’s about arousal. You can’t run before you can walk. 

What countries do you still want to try for daygame?

I’ve daygamed in over 50 countries but I’ve still got Lebanon, Albania, Armenia, Ethiopia, Iran and Chile on the top of my to-do list for pickup. 

Which authors do you return to the most?

Dylan Thomas, Ted Hughes and Ernest Hemingway are my staples but I’m not as disciplined as I should be with trying new authors. I have big respect for your beloved Haruki Murakami. When I retire from daygame I plan to get back into reading properly. 

Finally what are your plans for 2018?

To ride more motorbikes, to tour with a one-man show, to publish my new book “Below The Belt” and to continue to lick the lid of life as a Black Sheep. I’ll be doing lots of daygame for myself but I feel that I’ll be teaching it less and less. It’s been my aim this year to document my knowledge of the subject in detail and make it available online.

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  1. I’m surprised Tom doesn’t watch much other pickup content for how knowledgeable he is. Maybe he did all the studying early on in his career (2007?)

    1. Tom doesn’t need to study the content as he COMES UP with it! I have learned many things from him since the first talk I saw him do at Daygame Blueprint (2011?) and it is consistently cutting edge. The man’s mind is a treasure trove.

      On an unrelated note what do you think of daygaming in Iran now Tom in terms of safety?

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