You asked for more advanced game theory, so here it is, the granddaddy of all pickup knowledge, the Holy Grail of daygame…

Micro-Calibration – a balancing of chemical equations done on auto pilot by advanced players in real time to allow them to escalate with full compliance, under-the-radar.

Should you pull? Should you push? Is she into you? Is she not? If your calibration is spot on then you’ll feel all of this instinctively, knowing when to advance and when to retreat in order to protect your value.

The overall mechanism is as follows:

  1. You send out an IOI to test for compliance
  2. You read the response (was it an IOI or an IOD)
  3. You act according to the rules below



  • If she IODs then you MUST IOD back. Don’t reward. 
  • Soften your IOI with an IOD Calibrator 
  • If she gives you an IOI, return with an IOI but add in IODs to make her chase


Confused by all of this? Perhaps you’ve not got much real-world experience infield talking to girls and it all sounds like theoretical nonsense. Get to grips with the fundamentals here and then hit the streets to get some basic calibration down first.

2 thoughts on “Micro-Calibration”

  1. Tom, what are your thoughts on silences via text that are longer than 48 hours ? I.e. 3-4 days?

    Would that be too much? If the girl is busy with work/exams and mentions it, is it fine to stop the ping texting for a number of days till a time she’s more free? Or should you keep some light-hearted texting going to keep you in her mind?

  2. How does that apply infield when after 10 minutes, she tells you she’s doing nothing now, you invite her for instant date and she declines? Do you carry on chatting or just number close?

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