CheckMate (Lay Report)


Play or get played


I’ve written about the overlaps between daygame pickup and chess before but this lay report maps out just how fitting the analogy can be, especially when you’re seducing Russian girls.

This lay was my most technical of the trip, and perhaps of the year. A weak “maybe” girl who I eventually banged through tight strategy, technique and persistence. Most of the Torero toolkit was used over the period of three weeks from start to finish.


A game of chess has 3 phases:

Opening – Getting your pieces out there as fast as possible onto useful squares, opening things up to progress to middlegame

Middlegame – Begins when most, if not all, pieces are in play. Both you and your opponent have a plan

Endgame – Calculating very precise lines to victory using tight knowledge


Back to the lay report to see how this applies to Game. This girl was 19 years old, a hot petite brunette studying Computer Science at university….


I front stopped her on her way to university. I gave her the compliment and usual stack about speedy walking, but her English seemed poor. She indicated she was in a rush so I number closed rapidly and let her go. So in terms of chess, poor development and little piece positioning. I’d stated my intent but that was about it.

After sending off the usual opening text I was surprised when she replied quite solidly that evening. She asked me lots of curious questions and I managed to get a ping-pong flow of messages going that evening. This completed the first stage as I got my pieces out there and opened up the board. I exchanged some photos with her, spiked things up to pass her shit tests and got her curious to play on. She agreed to a drink the following day.



When she turned up for the date she was late (blaming the heavy rain) and tried to pick the venue for coffee instead of alcohol. I stuck to my plan and took her to a bar (I had a beer, she had coffee). I ran the usual first venue model – rapport mixed with verbal escalation. Her English was much better than I’d presumed (she was just shy). She was very curious about my bad boy nomad persona, asking me lots about my lifestyle and my peacocking (rings, tattoos, fashion). She let slip that although she was a diligent student, her ex-boyfriend was a bad boy bass player in a metal band. We both verbalised that we didn’t want a relationship because we were too busy.

From there I bounced her to a second venue near my apartment – a rock bar with loud music and only alcohol. She had wine, I had another beer, and we sat on bar stools next to each other so I could run the usual physical escalation. An hour later she had to get home, so I walked her to the bus, kissing her along the way.

Straightforward lay I thought. All the pieces were now in play. I was confident it was going to be a speedy victory with weak counterattacks from her. She was 19, I’m 37. She said she’s slept with 2 guys. I’ve slept with over 300 girls. She was accepting my escalation with pretty smooth compliance. What could go wrong?!

Just like in chess, you should never be so cocky so soon. I’d massively underestimated my opponent. The second meeting was the usual Coffee Bridge Date in a place opposite my apartment. I managed to bounce her from there to my place where we put on some music and dry-humped on the bed. She stopped any wandering hands and gave the usual token LMR to any more compliance so I rolled off and chilled out.

On that date I learnt about her darker nature underneath the “sensible student” persona. When she left mine to go back to university I realised she’d left herself logged in to her social media account on my computer. A new message from a different guy would pop up as a notification every few seconds. I didn’t open them (as she’d see they were read) but just watched in awe as the notifications flooded in. I could see that she was replying to multiple guys at once (often with copy-paste), like a Grand Master chess champion playing multiple games blindfolded. That night she logged herself out of all devices from her end, so my window into her world went cold.



What seemed like a simple win turned out to be extremely convoluted. What I presumed were clear predictable lines to victory were counteracted by her advanced skill. I started losing pieces fast as she deftly moved around the board and we became locked in an almost stalemate situation.

It became very hard to get her out. She went to another city to visit family, said she was sick, and then would only agree to an afternoon date with a time limit. I sat in a cafe with her and we actually played chess (a common sight amongst young people in Russia). I’d make out with her in between moves but she was focussed on the game. I’m happy to report I won the actual chess, but lost the attempt to bounce her home again.

After that she agreed to meeting for an evening date (accepting the wine/movie seed) but after we’d sat down in a bar with our first drink she took a call from a “friend” and said she had to go. I couldn’t work her out – she seemed so keen one minute, so cold the next (classic female fractionation). I realised I couldn’t chase any more, so I employed all the classic frame principles: 48 hour text vacuums, amused mastery, jealousy plotlines, qualification and added scarcity (telling her I was leaving for London soon). This seemed to do the trick as she started chasing me.

A week or so later I got her to agree to come to mine late one evening but she vanished online at the last minute, texting me late in the night that her “battery had died” and she’d been busy with her “friend” in a pub. I mentally accepted defeat and was annoyed at myself for having come so close but messing things up with sloppy middlegame.

The following day, mid afternoon, I decided to try one more move whilst risking burning it forever. I sent her a short text asking if she was alive. She replied that she was free to meet. I quickly tidied my apartment, grabbed a bottle of wine from the supermarket and went to the meeting point near my house. And there she was in a tight black dress, heels and fresh makeup. Now or never – the line of victory had opened up. We walked straight back to mine, put on some ACDC and within minutes I was inside her, nailing her like it was the end of the world. No token LMR. Checkmate.

15 thoughts on “CheckMate (Lay Report)”

  1. Fucking hell… great read master T! Could you please say a bit more about the classic frame principles you mentioned and how they worked (especially the jealousy plot lines you used)?

    I’m also intrigued about the volume of her text game. She was all flakey and innocent (only 2 partners), but in reality she’s spam messaging, copy/paste texting half of Russia… delightful!

    As always, thank you!

    1. For all the frame tools (like the jealously plot lines) read “Street Hustle.”

      ALL girls are mass messaging daily. Don’t be fooled by the “good girl / bad girl” myth. Stats show 18-21 year old girls send 100-200 messages a day.

  2. I mentally accepted defeat

    How do you do it?

    It sounds really easy but i think this is THE moment where you can fall from a bad boy to mister nice guy.

  3. Tom, how many attempts you try to reach out to her before you decided burning a set as she might appear playing too hard to be laid.

    In this scenario, I see only twice you texted her? After u appear enigmatic she casing you.

  4. “but after we’d sat down in a bar with our first drink she took a call from a “friend” and said she had to go. I couldn’t work her out”
    Uncle Tom, when this happened, did the think she may have ditched you to meet another guy.
    Part of my struggle is stopping my brain from overthinking situations and playing negative case scenarios in my head. Like when you finally laid her with no LMR all of a sudden. Again I would have thought, that makes no sense, unless the guy she ditched you to meet a few days blew her off/dumped her ass and she wanted some sort of revenge fuck.

    1. When you go on a lot of dates and have multiple irons in the fire, you realise girls do too and it’s no big deal. That’s why I say enjoy female hypergamy – it’s what allows you to be a player and enjoy girls. Overthinking and inaction leads to bitter rage.

  5. Nice story, I like it.

    I’ve known from you that when a woman comes in a dress or skirt, good things CAN happen!

    Although I also would like to know more about these frame lines that you mentioned.

    Cheers mate all the best.


  6. Tom, What photos did you exchange with her texting? What kind of cool photos and how many should a guy try to have? Doing cool activities, I’m assuming? I’m trying to get a little folder of such photos so any tips would help. Thanks, Tom ?

  7. Tom, your a busy man so I appreciate if you don’t have time to get back on this one. I noticed in the story (which was great btw) that you texed her the same day. I have been getting numbers in central london after work (around 6:30pm) and cannot work out whether to message them that evening or the next day, or even after that. What is your advice? Cheers, Phil

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