Cold Calling Kindle Edition

Tom Torero Cold Calling Kindle Edition

Cold Calling has just been added to the Amazon Kindle stores worldwide. Here’s the link to the US store but for those in other countries visit your local site to download the book.

60,000 words (plus maps and city guides) – including lay reports and detailed guides to daygame in Russia and the Former Soviet Union. For the paperback version go here.

4 thoughts on “Cold Calling Kindle Edition”

  1. It’s a great book. Took this with me to ukraine and moldova last summer and it was quite accurate from my experience. Planning to rely on it again when I go to belarus.

    1. Be careful in Minsk mate. A German dude was held by police for cold approaching and I got my passport held at the airport for no reason. Kiev girls hotter anyways. Peace out. R

  2. Yes, I’m aware that minsk is a bit riskier place to visit. I remember Tom saying you have to be a little more subtle with the cold approaching there (so I’m guessing not as many front stops). He also mentioned he was attacked by a guy who had laid claim to the girls there. However, as wonderful as Kiev is, the sheer number of daygamers there brings it down a bit for me. I’m hoping the tougher entry barriers to Minsk and off the beaten track nature of the city will help in that regard.

    1. “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better” as the saying goes. There’s no Pussy Paradise or SMV shortcuts. Plus the girls are more beautiful in Russia and Ukraine compared to Belarus (which has so much red tape for less reward).

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