Cult Of Personality Podcast


This week’s daygame podcast links to my article on the Cult Of Personality – why and how are some men so magnetic to their followers? How does this apply to pickup and dating?

Documentaries mentioned in the podcast:

  • I Am Not Your Guru (Behind-the-scenes of a Tony Robbins event)
  • My Scientology Movie (Louis Theroux talks to ex-members of the cult)
  • Get Me Roger Stone (exploring the master of all spin doctors)
  • Kumare (fake guru experiment that goes too well)
  • The Source Family (hippy 1970’s sex cult in LA)
  • Gringo – The Dangerous Life Of John McAfee (charismatic outlaw)
  • Going Clear – Scientology And The Prison Of Belief  (inside the cult)
  • Pumping Iron (Schwarzenegger in full Dark Triad force)


To find the common threads in all these men, read Robert Greene’s 48 Laws Of Power.

One thought on “Cult Of Personality Podcast”

  1. I enjoyed the ending. 😉 Thank you for always elucidating the theme of power in your work Tom. Coming from a weak, confused, idealistic background; it’s resulting in some hard, sobering insights for me. Still learning, somewhat dampened at times; but certainly more empowered than ever.

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