In Praise Of Feminism

In Praise Of Feminism

“There’s never been a better time in history to be a lover. There’s never been a worse time in history to be a provider”

Tom Torero

Most guys online moan about feminism and its evils, ignoring the fact that such a phenomenon is making the life of a modern day player much easier. Yes, there are also many negatives to feminism which I’ll come back to at the end of the post, but for now consider the following benefits:

  • Sexual freedom for girls. One Night Stands, Same Day Lays, no-strings fun, kinkiness, spinning plates 
  • No need to “look after them” with provisions, they’ve got their own money
  • No need to White Knight for them, they want to be “independent”
  • They’re not getting married / having babies until later, so they’re less likely to try and lock you down early (plus many are on the pill)
  • You can find 18-21 year old girls backpacking solo all over the world who want a beer and some fun with a rakish cad 


Those inside the Secret Society accept the true nature of women and make use of their hypergamous nature, rather than trying to change them and get angry. It’s only the idealistic guys with Disney fantasies of eternal monogamy that are mad at girls sleeping around and upgrading. “Why isn’t she slutty with me?!” they secretly ask themselves.

We all know the downsides of today’s feminism: ugly masculine girls, screeching from post-30 women and the attempt to restrict male sexual freedoms whilst increasing those of females. But an experienced player realises that the stamping feet tantrums that make up a lot of modern feminism are just one big shit test to weed out beta guys who take it at face value and alpha guys who don’t.

So lean back, grin, and enjoy the current loopholes in the Sexual Market Place 😉

12 thoughts on “In Praise Of Feminism”

  1. >> Sexual freedom for girls. One Night Stands, Same Day Lays, no-strings fun, kinkiness, spinning plates

    All of this is timeless “female sexuality.” I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you say this yourself. None of this is gift of the “F-word.” When have always been sexual… it just wasn’t always crudely on the surface.

    If there is an upside: Men with pure, unapologetic intent are more rare, as we haven’t tried to “Feminist AF” our way into her panties. There are fewer of us, as the pressure to be a tool has never been stronger.

    That is the only upside… and comes at the expense of chasing feminine grace and charm out of the western world.

    You’re very right when you say “daygame is dirty.” And there is nothing new about that (I am thinking of Dangerous Liasons, etc.). But it’s better when it’s properly Secret Society and not “pussy hat” in your face, pink-haired, fat chicks telling us on Facebook how much they like getting fisted.


    1. Not true ‘daysofgame’. Women have always had the desire to stray / upgrade but only since the Sexual Revolution and feminism has it been accepted / allowed / welcomed. Look at strict conservative countries (e.g. Turkey) and what happens when a Turkish girl travels to London as Tom says. They go crazy wild because of Pressure Cooker Effect. Feminism benefits players but not white knights and conservative or religious guys who are now mad!

      1. >> Women have always had the desire to stray / upgrade but only since the Sexual Revolution and feminism has it been accepted / allowed / welcomed.

        Erik… if we believed this, we’d think women never “snuck around,” and that they waited patiently, their sexualities safely caged until the F-word freed them??? And that men also waited until it was “okay” to be a bit sexually free? As if men’s sex drives (pre-feminism) were significant less effective than they are now? To me, that is terribly naive (bluepill) POV and seriously discounts the power of desire.

        Desire has never changed. Tom says things very similar in other contexts. And desire is much more powerful than some crude political movement or a “pussy hat.”

        This is why I mentioned Dangerous Liasons (14 century). I’m sure there is a reference in Kama Sutra, or something similar. There is nothing new about recreational sex. Dirty, secret sex. Then, and now. This is the way of the world.

        As we’re all aware, sex is a maddeningly strong force. No one “waited” for cultural permission. And they still don’t have cultural permission today… we still call these girls “sluts” and “thots,” not because they have sex, but precisely because they make it known.

        Men pushed. Women said “no” in public, and allowed themselves to be taken on the side. Just like today. “I’m not sleeping with you tonight.” Right? Even feminists say that, and fuck later. Nothing has changed. This is still true. It’s why we talk about ASD and plausible deniability and all that… we’re still honoring the “covert” nature of sex.

        The F-word tries to celebrate a lack of discretion from women. It’s another form of the masculination of women (which in no way helps us, it’s mostly disgusting). Women “grabbing their cock” and “bragging” about sex, “like men do.” It’s all a sad caricature of “liberation.”

        Women with discretion have been having covert sex forever. These were likely women with strong “R-selected” sex drives, but not so foolish as to risk their reputations. They did it on the side. They still do. Nothing has changed… exception Sex in the City trying to legitimize this for some foolish women. It’s politics, not sexuality. Sexuality doesn’t change.

        Celebrate whatever you want… I’m interested in FEMININITY, not the curse of the F-word. There hasn’t been an upside to anything in that school of thought (not even for women) in over 30 years.

  2. daysofgame, this sounds very gamma (like your hero krauser). are you seriously saying that it is not easier for girls to have casual sex in london (with alcohol, nightclubs, short skirts, contraception etc) than in saudi arabia?? as tom said the desire to be feral is in EVERY female of course from the beginning of time but now it’s much easier since sexual revolution.

    your hunt for “femininity” like it is pure snow is really just masked purity fantasy, like manosphere chronically has. it reveals you believe in good girls and bad girls. be careful of this classic error.

    1. Now now boys. You are both correct! Erik seems to be talking about 2nd Wave Feminism which indeed allowed more females to live out their Secret Society desires in broad daylight. Daysofgame seems to be talking about 3rd and 4th Feminism which simply aims to dominate men. Tom has said again and again that the dual mating strategy of women is hardwired from millions of years of evolution just like the polygamous desires of men. But he also acknowledges the sociological impact on these genetic urges. Both go hand in hand. Is that fair Tom?

    2. Edward, that’s a fair read of what is going on here. That’s what I meant then I said “nothing good from feminism in 30 years.” I’m not anti-suffrage… it’s the last 20 years that are a mistake in terms of those politics.

      >> your hunt for “femininity” like it is pure snow is really just masked purity fantasy

      And Erik… you’re a terrible mind reader. Femininity is not a mysterious thing, lots of people get it.

      It’s about grace, a softness, demure girls, not necessarily introverted, but maybe that as well — as opposed to competitive, bold, aggressive, dominant girls… which is part of the F-word formula for women.

      A girl I picked in NYC last week was deeply feminine, she specifically said she likes to be passive, she likes to be lead, she likes to please… deeply attractive qualities in a woman. She was super charming, and our sexual vibe was fantastic.

      I have no “purity fantasy” for the same reason why I know “modern feminism” isn’t helping men or women… because I understand the animal nature, the evo-bio bit (so does Tom). What I’m not into is the “lean in” type of woman, either acting masculine herself, or showcases how many cocks she ridden. If that’s your thing… good for you.

      And with that… I wish for you all the feminist girls you can find. You deserve them!

      1. We don’t need to be mind readers….you only really like opening Asian girls, you do 27 sets in NY to get 1 number, you are a Krauser sycophant…the evidence speaks for itself lol

      2. Erik, man… I am trying to talk about IDEAS here, and you can’t help but make personal attacks. That’s the best you’ve got to offer?

        For the record, tough guy… I showed up in a city where I knew no one, dated 4 out of 6 nights, had two girls in my hotel room, one of those off an insta-date, and all via cold approach street game. All the girls I dated were 10-20 years younger than me… including the 19 year old… sorry she is too “Asian” for you. I would have loved to have done better… but I’m quite proud of what I got done.

        I’m sure you’re the best daygamer ever (or your Tinder game is MAGIC!)… but until you put your truth on the line… we’ll have to sit back and watch you talk your shit from the sidelines.


  3. I dislike TW feminism but have to remind myself that it’s all just one big shit test. The positive side is that you know it’s coming and, like a lot of other shit tests, your answers are completely rehearsable. It’s like having an exam when you already know the questions. Not only that but it’s such an obvious way of sorting the wheat (beta) from the chaff (alpha).

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