Women’s Woe

Women's Woe Her Sexual Market Value

“A man can build his Sexual Market Value. A woman cannot”

Tom Torero

After you’ve daygamed, dated and slept with enough women you start to feel sorry for them. Not in a Nice Guy, White Knight kind of way where you want to save them (to secretly sleep with them), but because you’ve seen behind their angelic mask and realise how fleeting their upper hand is.

A man’s Sexual Market Value (SMV) must be built from the ground up. Of course there’s his looks but you should know by now that’s just a fraction of his SMV. Throughout his 20’s a guy has to build up his status, swagger, confidence, charisma, social intelligence, persuasiveness, wit and life experience. He’s also got to make his money and gain his independence. I’ll be going over these things in next week’s podcast.

A woman’s SMV is just her youth¬†and her looks. That’s it in the eyes of evolutionary biology. Both those things are unaffected by attempts she makes to build up other things in her life. Men will still be attracted to just her beauty and her age. Women know this acutely and watch the grains of sand falling through the hourglass with despair.

Think of it like this: which one of the following would have the better understanding of money and business – a lottery winner or a self-made millionaire? Girls are like lottery winners when they turn 18. They’re handed a huge pile of cash (their looks and their age) and told they have to spend it wisely within a decade, after which it will vanish.

Men are like self-made millionaires, starting with almost nothing. From the age of 18 they have to build up their business brick by brick, so by the time they’re 30 then they’ve created a successful company in its entirety which will keep being profitable.

So here ends today’s lesson. You might look at that hot 21 year old girl on Instagram and rage against the “unfairness” of how easy life seems for her. But zoom out and think longer term. Her house is built on sand, yours built on rock. As the saying goes, “When men get older they look like Sean Connery. When women get older they look like….Sean Connery.”

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  1. Your blog game has been tight lately! I just re-listened to your podcast, White Knight v. Dark Knight. Gold, bra. Respect. Keep it coming.

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