Nice Guys Are Not Nice

Nice Guys Are Not Nice Daygame Truths


Mr Nice Guy hides his intent. He’s uncomfortable with his male sexuality and comes up with elaborate methods to spend time with girls, not realising that they know what he’s up to:

  • he helps her with homework 
  • he fixes her computer 
  • he’s a shoulder to cry on
  • he offers to teach her salsa dancing
  • he says he’ll be her photographer


Inside he’s often passive aggressive, raging against the injustices of bad boys whilst sexually shaming the girls he’s actually trying to get. The White Knight strategy fails and he’s left confused: “Why doesn’t she want saving? Why isn’t she a bad girl with me?” 

The “Bad Boy” is the opposite. Clear with his intent, comfortable with his sexual nature and open with his desires. Girls gravitate towards him because they’re not judged or shamed for wanting the same.

Last year I shot a video in South America on the Snake Seduction antics of Nice Guys:

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  1. Excellent succinct stuff Tom. Good reminders. Quick question, do you recommend kino on the street and if so, what type and how much? Thanks

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