Role Reversal Spikes

tumblr_ktxy6oUiaR1qzdi59o1_400 2.jpg

One of the most powerful ways to easily flip the script and spike things up from social to sexual is to imply that she’s the one picking you up. Even though she knows you’re teasing, on a subconscious level she’ll feel the frame shift to you being the prize.

You can pepper this into your daygame and dating, right up until the point she’s back at yours. Remember the aim is to be flirty, not funny. Try delivering these lines with a cheekyΒ smirk rather than a clown grin. Her mock indignation and playful squeaks will let you know you’re doing it right:

  • Slow down, I’ve only just met you
  • I feel so used now
  • We can have fun but please don’t touch
  • Let’s take this slowly, I don’t want to get hurt
  • You’re not going to stalk me are you?!
  • You are creepy
  • You are so needy
  • Stop undressing me with your eyes
  • I’m not just a piece of meat
  • Stop trying to check me outΒ 
  • I need trust, comfort and connection
  • Don’t get your hopes up, I’m not that easy
  • Nothing’s going to happen…I’m on my period
  • Stop trying to impress me

2 thoughts on “Role Reversal Spikes”

  1. Hi Tom, what’s the subtle difference between flipping the script & false self disqualification? Both are fun…


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