“A jealous woman does better research than the FBI”

Women’s cattiness with other women who have a higher Sexual Market Value is obvious. If she’s younger and/or hotter then she’s a direct competitive threat.

Behold how they snigger at each other’s fashion, ruthlessly compete on Instagram and Facebook for attention, poach another competitor’s boyfriend and sexually shame each other to get one up.

Daygamers will have experienced opening two sets where the less attractive girl attempts to cock-block, or dates where a female friend phones her to cut things short. Girls will use all sorts of elaborate schemes to eliminate a rival, usually way more cunning than the male equivalent.

This is why jealousy is such a powerful emotion to trigger in her. If you can hint at competition then her natural tooth-and-claw instincts will kick in. Having girls fight over you is the nirvana of Game:

  • weave in jealousy plot-lines
  • flirt with other girls in her presence
  • point out things to her you find attractive in other girls
  • set up social events with you as the organiser¬†
  • merge dates (inviting more than one girl out)
  • use apps like KnockToCall
  • leave items in your apartment from other girls


In my first book Daygame, a memoir with a hundred lay reports, I recount how I used the hustling skill set to collect numbers and organise parties, invite two separate girls out on one date, plus merge girls I’d slept with for threesomes and foursomes. Don’t under-estimate the power of pre-selection¬†for triggering primal competition in girls.

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