Hating The Game


  • Women are game playing bitches
  • They just want your money, they’re all whores
  • Why do they shit test me so much?
  • Girls who want casual sex are sluts
  • Women reject me on purpose for their pleasure
  • Approaching girls is low value
  • All women are horrible feminists
  • What’s the point, this is a waste of time…


Hating women for their nature is like hating fish for swimming, or hating gravity for keeping you on the ground. Many men are frustrated at the fact that women don’t behave like men. Why aren’t they logical? Why do they test men? Why can’t they be upfront and overt in their communication?Β 

Trying to change women’s hardwired circuitry is doomed to failure. As is sexually shaming women for their biological drives or getting angry with other men who have sexual success. Trying to somehow regulate the Sexual Market Place so it suppresses natural impulses (with politics and/or religion) is also an unstable solution.

Some men believe they can quit by walking away from the table, when in reality they’re cutting off their nose to spite their face. You can’t escape the Game, as by walking away you’re automatically losing. Life is one big shit test and by overly reacting you fail.

The solution? Learn about the true nature of male-female dynamics and human sexuality. Accept these truths, however harsh they seem. Use them in your favour. Don’t hate the player or the Game.

3 thoughts on “Hating The Game”

  1. This is exactly why I follow your stuff rather than the manosphere crap. They’re weirdly judgemental, puritanical and always on their moral high horses. How the Red Pill has become associated with killjoy politics and religious ranting is beyond me!

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