White Knights

White Knights In Daygame


White Knights display huge cognitive dissonance – they rage against “sluts” but spend hours online consuming content about how to have more casual sex. My spam folder is full of emails from White Knights ranting about how “women should be treated honourably” in response to them watching my videos.

They’re a level beneath the Nice Guy who puts himself in the Friend Zone out of ignorance. The White Knight knows that “saving” girls is his sexual strategy to get in their pants. Here’s how to spot one:

  • He wants to save women from the “bad men”
  • He hates the idea of pickup & Game
  • He’s single and seeking “The One”
  • He has a huge Purity Fantasy
  • He rages against “sluts” and casual sex
  • He’s often angry and revengeful 


Whilst women somewhat tolerate Nice Guys, they actively despise White Knights because their plan is so transparent to them. White Knights feels like they’re owed something from women as a reward for their “noble deeds” and it’s this forced reciprocation dynamic that makes women (and sexually active men) feel such contempt for them.

Here’s me having a White Knight moment:

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  1. Look! Almost every day of consecutive podcast, Tom.

    Let’s see.. maybe all you need is some regular time off within a calendar year to replenishing your artsy writing endeavor(which is diamond quality I can tell)

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