8 thoughts on “Life In Your 20s”

  1. The most regretful decision i’ve ever made in my 20s is getting into a university without clue for 3 years (imagine what would i’ve done…) paying $RM40,000 ++ ($9302), and it isn’t a crucial job like doctorate, lawyer…

  2. Great podcast Tom. Regarding nutrition, what do you eat when on the road? I always eat out since my parents don’t cook for me anymore but I’ve got fat from it. Would like to learn some easy healthy meals but i always fear I’ll poison myself

  3. The thing is…
    you say live the life and so on, okay I’m a 21-year student. How can I get money? like work and go wild of just waiting for the 30s and study. I don’t get this

  4. 22 and currently living at my moms (very close to moving out as I am finishing up university) I am able to game pretty well but I am still intermediate. How can I get around living at my moms (I can’t take anyone to my moms place)? How can I bounce to hers instead of mine? This has waned on my confidence as I tend to think ahead about my logistics being less than masculine.

  5. Hey uncle Tom,
    Im 25,I have been daygaming on&off for 6 years now.Met this girl who i really like,and currently in a relationship with her for 5months now,it definently contradicts what youve suggested 20 yr olds do.I really dont know what i should do,I do not know how I could bring myself to breaking up with her.I do miss that abundance I once had,but then im really suffering from this oneitis.shes a sweetheart.what do u think i should do uncle Tom.Thank you

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