The Myth Of ‘Super Direct’

The Myth Of Super Direct In Pickup - Daygame Basics

When a former Nice Guy learns Game, there’s a huge temptation to swing too far in the opposite direction and assume that “Super Direct” must be the way to go. They wrongly believe that girls must think like guys do, and therefore respond well to overt, blunt pickup techniques.

You’ll often hear comments like this:

  • There is no Game. Just filter hard for ‘Yes’ girls
  • Blow me or blow me out – everything else is a waste of time
  • I only like girls who I can talk about the Red Pill with 
  • What’s the point of texting and dating? Just invite her over


By all means, give Super Direct a go. Drop all Game techniques and just spam approach girls with the line “Hey, you’re sexy, let’s fuck.” Forget the art of texting, the nuances of dating and the subtleties of escalation. Just filter hard for ‘Yes’ girls and ignore the rest. Whilst it’s perhaps a good baptism of fire for the chronic Nice Guy, you’ll find that by doing this your results massively suffer. Why is that?

The basic premise of the Secret Society is that it is secret. Girls love being seduced but hate knowing they are being seduced. Don’t tell her, show her. Communication with women must be covert, not overt. Implicit, not explicit. She doesn’t want to know that you’ve spent thousands of hours learning the art of Game. She wants you to behave like you “just get it.”

If you have to tell a girl that you’re seducing her then something’s massively wrong. Seduction is a dance, not a boxing match. Change Mr Knockout to Mr Smooth. Replace spam approaching with skilful subtlety.

4 thoughts on “The Myth Of ‘Super Direct’”

    1. 4th wall is something different, it is I-know-that-you-know-that-I-know implied and clever. Not a technique for beginners. peace.

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