Sprezzatura: An Italian word meaning “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort”

Every experienced player should display the “studied carelessness” of sprezzatura, making technical seductions seem effortless. A great pickup should be invisible, like a magician masking the mechanism behind the illusion. Hustlers must cultivate this nonchalant ease about them, hiding the studied technique behind their craft.

Appearing try-hard is the antithesis of sprezzatura. A beginner seducer will make his technique too overt, too clunky, thus ruining the magic. He’s easy to spot on the street, entertaining the girl with an excess of attraction material and flashiness. On the date he’s not congruent with the character he’s portraying. The girl senses this on a subconscious level and declines the offer to go back to his.

The pinnacle of Game is the appearance of non-Game. It’s this effortless ease which is at the heart of Amused Mastery: leaning back, slowing everything down with a whiskey in your hand and a smirk on your face. Let your sprezzatura do the heavy lifting for you.

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