Beta Backsliding

Beta Backsliding - Staying Perceived As Alpha Male

You’ve learnt the principles of Game, you’ve gone out and applied them infield over and over. With enough real-world experience and many girls later, you’ll have the masculine frame needed to be perceived as “alpha” by women.

So is that? You can just sit back and put your feet up? No more oneitis, no more failing shit tests, no more neediness? If only that were true. Even the most experienced player must constantly be self-examining for signs of backsliding and loss of frame.

Are you slipping into neediness because of scarcity? Are you singling out a certain girl as “different from all the rest”? Have you abandoned Game principles out of laziness or arrogance, thinking you’re “over it” and that you can let things slide?

It’s not the fact that you might send one beta text or obsess about only one random girl. Instead it’s the precedent that sets for you doing it again in the future. Before you know it the beta backsliding can snowball into a full blow loss of frame. Just like how eating one cookie doesn’t ruin a clean diet, but how that cookie is a slippery slope to greater sins.

Choose your habits wisely.

6 thoughts on “Beta Backsliding”

  1. Hello Tom, I have an advanced pickup question.

    I have had a lot of dates this year, and in 80% of the case I end up getting the kiss close, french kiss, the girl touching the back of my head, etc..

    But 30% of the girls I kiss I end up not fucking. Is it a normal statistic or is it me doing something wrong ?

    I noticed that it’s mostly girls i’ve been good in the date but not so good in the meeting during the day. Is it because, even if they kiss me, their body is telling them that I’m not a potential male to fuck (aka I don’t have the frame) or is there something I’m missing ? Even sometimes girls are on my bed, kissing, me touching them, but impossible to fuck.

    I have Street Hustle and nothing is written about that inside. I’m very happy about the number of my lays this year and my ratio (around 1 lay every 30 approaches) but I can’t point my finger on this problem.

    Thanks Uncle Tom

    1. 1 lay every 30 approaches is instructor-level advanced man, you should know therefore that Tom recommends NOT kissing them on dates as it bursts the bubble.

      1. 1/30 is not so great in my opinion, it’s my real first year of daygame and i’m already around that and I don’t think i’ve hit my limit. Or maybe I was lucky.

        [1/30 is excellent. Watch this video on statistics: – TT]

        Tom does recommend to kiss them on the date, you have to go for the kiss close and even the FC.

        [If you’re good, you shouldn’t always kiss them, until she’s back at your place. This keeps sexual tension. Watch this: – TT]

  2. There’s a good book that was recommended to me by a well known guy in the community after we discussed relationships. It’s called “Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man” by Joseph South.

    The content is pretty accurate in places and goes on to explain that the process of betaization in a relationship is inevitable. While a strong frame is key if you can maintain it. In a relationship, the anxiety and drama will tire her out and eventually end it. Likewise if you submit to her frame.

    The conclusion is, there’s really no viable solution either way to lengthen or maintain a good relationship in modern society beyond short/medium term. The approx length is generally 5-7 years, hence where the 7 year itch was coined.

    As a rule, it’s far better to just maintain frame and have her walk. She will eventually return anyway due to her frustration in her inability to break it.

    I’m sure i’m preaching to the choir, but worth adding for guys reading the blog 🙂

  3. Hey Tom, did u manage to contact Jon Matrix for coming out on podcast with you as u promised? Or he has already slipped into beta provider that’s why he’s ashamed on showing up on PUA, thanks.

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