Confirmation Bias?

Confirmation Bias In Pickup?

“It’s not women that fool men. It’s men that use women to fool themselves”

I often get messages from guys asking if PUA is just one big circle jerk of an echo chamber based on a huge confirmation bias. Doesn’t daygame just work on a certain type of girl? Isn’t pickup just filtering for “slutty girls”?

If daygame and pickup were just philosophies or ideologies then the answer would be yes. But as I’ve said many times, what we do is a contact sport, firmly grounded in reality. Talking to girls on the street and going on dates is where the rubber meets the road. It’s observable, measurable, and it generates data that can be tested.

I encourage sceptics to go out and repeat the experiments. Gather your own empirical data on male-female dynamics. Open your eyes to this meta-data and the patterns you find. Challenge any preconceived utopian ideals with some real-world evidence. Remember that facts remain facts, even if you don’t like them.

4 thoughts on “Confirmation Bias?”

  1. Hi Tom,

    I liked your video on advanced game techniques on micro-calibration and on frame (black sheep). You put really great content on your website.

    I don’t know if you did a video on ASD and on plausible deniability. But it’s something I didn’t understand really well. Maybe I am not alone in this case…

    Thank you for all these videos on advanced game.

  2. Nice. Fatcs is subjective and not objective.
    I’m reading your first and second book. you mention in the book you and the girls often drink alcoholic drinking on the date. I’m not interested in drinking that much. what’s your advice?

  3. Yes the purity fantasy remains hard to eradicate. Luckily there are some Daygame-1.0 aware men, quote: “Women rightly feel that a man that successfully challenges them (and others in their presence) is more likely to win them more resources and keep them safe”. From this I’m concluding that some men understand and accept alpha behavior.
    But I think, with the Daygame-2.0 data, that female desire goes a level darker. Yes I’m starting to sound like an even worse 50 Shades sequel haha. I’m referring to women’s desire for domination and shocking facts like I heard in one of your videos “Mass murderers in prison will receive more love letters than a regular guy ever will”.

    As for red pill, Tom I think you’re the man when it comes to female psychology. Definitely still learning. I also follow a red pill anarcho-capitalist (anti-politics, peace and freedom) philosophy channel but I don’t think all of your scientific data is being comprehended yet. Check out the link/video below if you’re up for some long-term generational thinking. Could you ask future women you pick up about their childhoods before you let them go? It could be very valuable for society to know what percentage of those women had really great peaceful childhoods with good stable fathers. Especially the women who cheat.

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