Home Is Now Behind You


“Home is now behind you, the world is ahead”


This video from my 2013 travels captures the year I left London to become a full time daygame coach and nomadic delinquent. I remember the many doubts I had about quitting my stable job, terminating my apartment contract and leaving a city full of family and friends.

When I rewatch the video all the feelings from that year return. The giddy mixture of newfound freedom and anticipation. The dizziness that comes with being a wandering troubadour. The realisation that the anchor has been raised and there’s no going back.

4 thoughts on “Home Is Now Behind You”

  1. I bought and I’m reading Torero’s travel book. I found it helpful but for some countries you didn’t mention any tips to Daygame and mostly focus on secret society.
    So you didn’t Daygame in all of the coutries you have been?

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