Learning to generate attraction-on-demand is like a newfound superpower for most recovering Nice Guys. When I discovered the magic of teasing, cocky-funny spikes I was addicted to using them. Again and again I’d see the same reactions from girls based on a handful of memorised lines which playfully broke rapport. I couldn’t believe my luck.

What I didn’t realise is that attraction is just a means to an end, not the end itself. The whole point of her giggling and blushing is to reach hook point, when you need to capitalise on the compliance and move towards seduction (via rapport). If you miss it and keep on running attraction material then you’re just an entertainer, a jester, who triggers laughs but no tingles.

Attraction is just a vapour. It needs to be harnessed into something more tangible before it’s dispersed in the wind. Miss the opportunity and that compliance currency is gone.

I talk more about the dangers of over-gaming past hook point in my Daygame 3.0 seminar which you can watch here.

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