Amused Mastery


Seen it all before. No big deal

It’s the ultimate mindset. The summit of pickup. Amused Mastery is frame in its truest sense where you “don’t sweat the small stuff.” You recognise that pickup, like life, is a game in the truest sense of the word. It’s enjoyable to play, it’s there for fun and you don’t need to stress about a wider meaning or each and every detail.

Amused Mastery is non-reactive. It’s the opposite of prickly and triggered. You’re leaning back with twinkling eyes and a smirk on your face. From vast experience with girls you’ve seen it all before which makes you detached and amused.

That’s not to say that you’ve “given up the Game.” Not at all. The game keeps on being played whether you like it or not. It’s just that you’re zoomed out and have a bigger picture outlook. Through mastering pickup you are now free to play the game in a zen way, without the stresses and worry of each move.

Shit tests make you smile. They’re water off a duck’s back. Or you Agree & Amplify like you would with a small child or a cute puppy. You love girls and Game but you don’t take them seriously. Life’s too short.

Even though it’s a mature position to have, you’re not aloof and cold. Amused Mastery has a warmth and playfulness about it, like a good father or teacher. Holding the frame comes naturally as she’s automatically qualifying to you.

This is my only aim with pickup now. No more theory, no more micromanaging, no more reacting and stressing. Just smiling at the absurdity of it all and enjoying the flow state that comes from letting go.

9 thoughts on “Amused Mastery”

  1. I have always appeciated your cheeky smirk and ironic banter Tom. Other well known daygame guys are so clearly reactive and angry (naming no names!). Your deep love of what you do comes through.

  2. Great topic Tom. Maybe a video or podcast on this further? Can I ask also what is your opinion of street kino? How much of it do you now do?

  3. Haha, love the Torero/Krauser fanbase beef….and they barely ever mention each other too!

    Hey Tom, when you talk about just sitting back and smirking in reaction to a shit test, do you actually answer their question in any way at all? Or just a new conversation thread?

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