Rage Reduction

How To Decrease Stress

“Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted”

Jim Morrison

Overnight I’ve had many messages about yesterday’s “Amused Mastery” post from guys asking how to decrease their stress and reactivity to pickup and life.

I’ll keep it short and sweet on here so I don’t need to repeat myself on email:

  • Get rid of Twitter (an app designed to make you angry) and reduce time on social media
  • Log off all pickup forumsĀ 
  • Stop consuming news (also designed to make you angry and click)
  • Avoid politics
  • Go outside. Spend time in nature
  • Do something physical, even just a walk
  • Do daygame. Flirt with girls. Socialise
  • Pat a dog
  • Laugh with friends

Some will say that you’re “burying your head in the sand” by not being on Twitter ranting about politics. I say start with yourself. Spend all that time you normally would on Facebook or a news website sorting yourself out first.

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