Street Kino

Too many daygamers are like static robots, keeping things social and stiff (in a bad way). In this short video I highlight some simple ways to get some street kino (touch) going which makes things playful and adds a sexual spark.


  • Level 1: Incidental – light touches here and there as you make a point
  • Level 2: Maradona Move – hold her hand and pull her in to close the distance
  • Level 3: Games – high fives, palms, rings, muscles, feet size etc


For details of all these techniques watch my free Street Hustle video series on Youtube.

One thought on “Street Kino”

  1. The end of the video :’)

    What I like to do, and I also see it in the video, is when the girl tells me she does fitness. I take a step back to look at her legs with a judgmental look. Girls always blush and say “nooo it’s not very good I know” and then I touch the legs to check if they have muscles.

    Good combination of Kino + challenging in my opinion.

    Thanks for the content Tom

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