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Peacocking is one of the most misunderstood and misquoted concepts in pickup. People immediately think of outlandish costumes, hats and Johnny Depp-level jewellery worn in nightclubs to get girls to notice you.

In reality, everything you wear is a subconscious effort to impress potential mates. Every hair style you choose, every pair of shoes you wear, every bag you carry. It’s a basic biological drive common to all organisms, from the smallest of shading details to the outlandish displays of a peacock’s tail.

Here’s where the main misunderstanding occurs. It’s not the items or ornamentation themselves that lead to the (perceived) raise in SMV. It’s the fact that the organism can withstand the shit tests that come with the display. The peacock’s tail physiologically hinders it in terms of day to day living, but by being able to carry it off (quite literally) it is extremely attractive sexually to potential partners.

So it’s not the cowboy hat or the leather trousers that might get you the girl. It’s the way you show you can handle the ‘weight’ of the societal judgement that comes with standing out. A guy without the congruency and confidence to back it up will be slammed for wearing such attire, whereas the rock star will be celebrated.

In next week’s podcast I’ll talk about the extra items I wear to boost my daygame and dating, from my tattoos and rings to my well-worn boots and scruffy jackets.

6 thoughts on “Peacocking”

  1. hey tom just had an instant date and number closed an hb10 today at the cafe. i cant believed i did it i just started following your stuff about six month and never though it would be that fast. i know she’ll probably flake on me but f*ck that it was an amazing feeling. this will serve as motivation for me to go out more on streets and approach girls. thank you so much man you dont know how you change my life for the better.

  2. Hey Tom, I’ve heard a lot about the concept of ‘Treat them mean, keep them keen’ when dealing with women. I’m guessing it’s similar to micro calibration where you have to send out IODs. Can you please make that a topic for a future podcast! Thanks

  3. “It’s the way you show you can handle the ‘weight’ of the societal judgement that comes with standing out.”

    This is good content. Explained scientifically and clearly.

    I used to wear a crazy hairstyle, and what I learned from that is, whenever you walk into a room, and you are noticed. 1. Slow down. Walk slower. 2. If your eyes meet, hold it for a while, then naturally lose interest. Never ne afraid to be seen.

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