Why I Travel

Why I Travel

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road”

Jack Kerouac

Despite promising that I wouldn’t travel so much this year, it’s turned out to be one of the busiest in my life for various reasons. 14 countries, 32 new notches (with a month to go until the year’s out) and a fresh batch of travel stories, my head is spinning.

This blog post doesn’t aim to brag, merely to document the nomadic life of a scruffy Welsh daygamer before I forget where I’ve visited. It’s been a surreal year which has often felt totally unreal, whether that’s the jet lag or the hustle overload. Sometimes I get the Imposter Syndrome feeling like it’s not happening to me but I’m watching it all in third person.

For the first time in my life I’ve gotten access to VIP airport lounges and flown Business Class around the world. I explain how much money I make and by what methods here.  But is my aim to earn more and become filthy rich? No – the richest people I’ve met all seem bored and boring. The guys I’ve known having all the fun are the hustlers that are leading the pimp lifestyle through their heists and hard work.

Why do I travel? Because I can. Never before in human history has it been so possible to find freedom with a passport, a credit card and internet access. Nomadic travellers today live better lives than former kings, princes, pharaohs and emperors. You can book tickets on your laptop to fly around the globe, have an apartment to call home in every major city (AirBnB), a private chauffeur on speed dial who will drive you around at a moment’s notice (Uber) and the ability to date and seduce a girl of every nationality wherever you are (thanks to daygame).

My bank manager and the border control guards who stamp my passport are confused. People who follow my content write in with similar questions. Why so much travel? Why not settle down? Why not grow up and do the right thing?

I say do it now. We’re all going to die – it’s just a scheduling issue. A cliche, yes, but I live with that thought daily. I have a strong urge to have all the wild and wonderful travel adventures before I’m fifty. I don’t know why, but it’s a mental benchmark and propels me forwards.

So where has 2017 taken me? I started off by escaping the grey skies of January in the UK by flying to South America via Madrid. I released my infield video product Stealth Seduction from a sunny outdoor cafe in Colombia. Soon after I bought my first property, a small South American apartment, paying the deposit in cash. It was a totally surreal moment handing piles of money to a cartel boss-like character.

After that I flew back to London to record the Daygame 3.0 seminar, and then from there to snowy New York to see distant family and go on a snowy trip with a cousin in the Pocono Mountains. From New York I flew down to Miami and then back to South America to finalise the apartment buying with a solicitor.

After that it was on to Poland (with brief stops in Madrid and Prague) where I went on the annual ski trip with Mr A. Soon after I released my book Cold Calling on how to daygame in Russia and the Former Soviet Union, whilst getting back into daygame properly by hitting the streets hard.

I took a short trip to Hamburg in Germany to speak at a conference, and then it was back to the UK to see family and hustle my bank for a card that would give me airport lounge access. From there I flew to Tbilisi in Georgia for a daygame reconnaissance and to thaw out with the first rays of sun.

After that it was on to Ukraine where I hustled my way around numerous cities and immersed myself in daygame proper. I took a month off as the summer hit and went to Croatia to do nothing but swim and read. It was bliss.

Then the real madness began. With my wing and co-cameraman Craig we went on a 30 day around-the-world mission filming a documentary and teaching bootcamps. We started in London, then flew west to New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney and Singapore before finishing in Munich, Germany. I also squeezed in a side trip from Singapore to visit Hong Kong for 24 hours. The whole tour was a total mind fuck – extreme jet lag, hangovers, fatigue and notch burnout.

There were so many surreal moments. Floating around the pool on a lilo in Hollywood thinking how bizarre it all was. Taking my first Business Class flight from LA to Sydney and sleeping like a baby. Imposter Syndrome Level 100 – would the cabin crew tap me on the shoulder and say that I wasn’t entitled to be there?

From Munich I found a budget flight direct to Cardiff. Completing the around-the-world mission by landing back in my home city was a proud moment, again utterly surreal. I didn’t know what timezone I was in, what season it was, what I was going to do next…

So I took a ‘holiday.’ An endless source of amusement amongst family and friends that I needed a break after all the travelling. I went with a girl to Nice in the South of France for an idyllic Riviera retreat of beaches, swimming and lazing about. From there I went to the Polish version of the Lake District where I slept in the forest with a girl and messed about on boats. It was magical (except for the mosquitoes).

Then it was back to South America for more exploring and to meet up in Colombia with a fellow daygamer, before flying back to Europe and a drone adventure in the Slovenian Alps just as Autumn arrived. After that it was back to full on Street Hustling in Russia before a short trip to Paris and then a brief stop back in the UK.

Next it was a long ass flight to Japan for my annual pilgrimage and then back to Britain via Thailand and Istanbul, which takes us up to today.

What a mental year, and there’s still over a month of 2017 to go. If you told me as a spotty shy teenager that this was going to be my life when I was in my late 30’s then I’d never have believed you for a second. As a kid I fantasised about being a mixture of Indiana Jones and James Bond, daydreaming about escaping South Wales and later my life as a school teacher. I still can’t quite process all the things that have happened to me since discovering daygame eight years ago, but this year the bizarreness of the life I’m now living has dawned on me like never before.

Everything ahead. The road winds on…

15 thoughts on “Why I Travel”

  1. Hey Tom, Hrear blog post. I always enjoy reading your adventure stories and have a goal of setting up a similar bachelor life for myself. No kids or wife to force me to settle down. One question. Would you recommend getting a vasectomy for a guy wanting to live the child free black sheep life or are there health risks to consider. I’m asking because one unplanned pregnancy can have the potential to put a dent in the bachelor lifestyle

  2. Don’t forget to tell the shy teenager you how you changed the life of many of us Tom.
    This year has also been wonderful for me, I left my home city to live abroad and embrace daygame, and it’s a big part thanks to you. You are a great street hustler but an even better pedagog. By far the best out there.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for the positive impact you make on us.

  3. Damn Tom, readings this really makes me wonder what are you going to do when you hit 50. Keep up the pace and you will have to go to moon to see something new.

    Wish you all the best

  4. Your a legend Tom. Out of all the blogs I read u are the one who lives the life u write about. What are your plans for nxt year?

  5. Great article, I could feel that you enjoyed writing this one, in the same way that I thought you really enjoyed making the minimalism podcast. It’s tough to continue writing about one topic when your initial obsession for it fades away (I’ve found this too in other endeavours); there’s a strange sense of duty to the original fans to keep the content the same. Is the blog/podcast/products going to take a different direction next year?

    1. Thanks Thomas, I’m not quitting my daygame / hustling for at least 10 years (both for myself and with the content) but you’re right that my focus for videos and writing might well drill down towards the Black Sheep minimalistic stuff (as well as the drilling of girls).

  6. Tom you have a flair for zee writing. You should read up on Hunter S. Thompson as I believe you would be quite good at gonzo journalism.

  7. Can anyone tell me that “drinking alcohol daily” is healthy? Tom usually drink alcohol with girls daily but looks healthy. That’s really weird.

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