Pickup Zest

Zest: a feeling of pleasure, enthusiasm, energy and interest

“Zest: a feeling of pleasure, enthusiasm, energy and interest”


A crucial element to pickup that I’ve not really hammered home before is the fact that you have to enjoy it. Too many guys I’ve taught or seen infield regard daygame as a painful experience to be dreaded. A crucial zest in their vibe is missing. The energy is flat. Girls are hyper sensitive to this and the set fails.

I understand that the first few months of learning daygame can be tough because of the approach anxiety that comes with being direct with girls you don’t know. But from my very first day going infield I deeply loved what I was doing and was (and still am) genuinely excited about flirting with hot girls. The approach anxiety sucks but the enjoyment of the process towards the goal of seduction has to make up for it.

Girls feel what you feel. She’s your mirror. If deep down you hate women or believe that what you’re doing is ‘creepy’ or parasitic then daygame’s not going to work for you. The zest has to be there. She can see it in your eyes and sense it in your micro behaviours.

If you don’t actually enjoy chatting up girls and trying to seduce them then find another hobby which you do like. Fishing, tap dancing, chess, whatever. Remember that playing any game is meant to be fun.

Last year I made a video relating to this topic on why you can’t be a carbon copy robotic daygamer, but why you need to “open with love” with that zest for what you’re doing:

5 thoughts on “Pickup Zest”

  1. Cheers Tom. Needed to hear this today. After an excellent Sept & Oct (daily approaches, big weekend infields, lots of fun & sex), been struggling to get back in the game after fighting off the winter blues (2.5 weeks of bleak depression and self destruction). Was out last night and it felt like being back at square 1. This will help.

    1. Hope the ‘black dog’ passes soon enough. Don’t feel bad about sitting with it and letting it pass. Time off daygame is good (I often take a month away). When spring comes you’ll be recharged. Let me know how it goes 🙂

  2. How you feel about the guys who copy you. Coaches who rip you and guys infield who use your words. Is a normal stage or make you pissed?

  3. Hey, I have to let you know that because Todd has left RSD and is now working on his own, you should reach out and try to work with him given the fact that your philosophies are so similar.

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