How Can I Help You?


What content have I missed that could help you? Do you prefer podcasts, articles or videos? Is the beginner or advanced material more applicable to you?

Let me know the gaps in your knowledge, any big questions or topics you have for me and how I can improve both your pickup and your unplugging from the matrix.

38 thoughts on “How Can I Help You?”

  1. Hey, would be interested to know your advice for good looking guys (perhaps on filtering for timewasters, for example), as they move up to the intermediate and advanced level. What are the specific sticking points they might have, beyond still needing to progress beyond opening?

  2. I always asked myself how you could still come up with something new. You helped me greatly in my daygame with Street Hustle. Seriously I have no idea how you could help us to be even better. I think there’s already everything on your website.

  3. Hello. A topic I think is lacking in not only this blog, but most of the PUA sites is detailed body language advice. Game guides (mainly focused on verbals and logistics) sure helped back in my beginnings, but when I see the guys who get better reactions from girls right at the beginning in the interaction, one factor that I see every time is how they are able to sub communicate their intent non verbally better. Very important thing, but sadly most advice just resumes to something along the lines of “You just have to get it”, “It depends on your internal game”, “It is something that will come naturally”. I think that non verbals and body language is something that could thoroughly explained on a video, just like the verbals in print form. It may be difficult but a video on the non-verbals of opening and escalating (e.g placement of feet, head, eyes) would be epic. Cheers!

  4. Bad boy versus nice guy. I’m sure you’ve covered it in the past but it would be great to go deeper into the topic. Maybe you can further deconstruct the traits of both bad boy and nice guy, and how a bad boy would handle a shit test or princess behaviour.

  5. Bad boy versus nice guy on a micro level. I’m sure you’ve covered it in the past but it would be great to go deeper into the topic. Maybe you can further deconstruct the traits of both bad boy and nice guy, and how a bad boy would handle a shit test or princess behaviour.

  6. Hello Tom,
    Please explain about hind-brain and fore-brain and their role on vibing and emotional roller coaster.
    Thank you

  7. I would like to hear some more about single men over 50 yrs old and dating. I know some of the principles and inner game cuts across all ages for men yet game changes some as you get older and how one approaches and meets women. Lately I have come to recognize the importance of “inner game” when it comes to dating, maybe if you can mix talking about older men dating and inner game? Tom, I enjoy the great work you are doing and the way you break things down is superb. One more thing. How about a new list of your top ten books and movies that address dating.

  8. Hey Tom! Thank you for all the material and I really appreciate your contribution the community.

    Can you help more on indirect-direct style of game? I have done many direct approaches and got great success with it. But it has become a bit bland for me. I guess every intermediate day gamer reaches a point where he should give up the scaffolding, and in my opionion going indirect-direct is a great way to do it.
    Yesterday itself I listened to your podcasts on indirect-direct game again. I plan to open using cocky-funny or teasing or accusation with a smirk and playful vibe. And would keep the rest of the model same i.e stack, vibe, hook & close.
    I think indirect-direct also makes each approach (open) unique and probably distinguishes you from other gamers as girls are used to the same openers. As most of us have the same openers probably we get treated like a salesperson, just my opinion and no offence to any profession.

  9. Your content is outstanding and I’ve learned a lot, so it’s hard to think of ways to improve. Overall I prefer either the articles or the longer podcasts vs the short videos.

    Your beginner content, even when it’s a throwback from something you did in the past, is a great refresher. Please keep it coming. From a more advanced perspective, I know you’ve done at least one podcast on it (blackdragon) but would love to see more about harem management (especially around what Krauser once called “soul collection”) and sexual techniques (making her cum every time).

  10. More Q and A mailbag podcasts (with questions not covered in Street Hustle).

    Always interesting seeing what questions the viewers come up with.

    Cheers Tom, keep up the good work.

  11. I have ripped of the the following by following your lifestyle:
    I live out of 2 large suitcases which has all my belongings to live. I shall soon bring it down to one.
    I 98% do direct Daygame exactly ToTo style.
    I always think of taking steps to live minimal, have multiple sources of income, be self-employed, not get affected by the societal mindset and work on developing true relationships and friendships for my affection craving. I’m thinking hard on them, taking some action on it but it is a work in progress with just 5% success.
    I am planning to take up videography as a hobby next year.

    Tom, can you help how to develop male camaraderie? How can we use Daygame skills to make and be great friends. I have a great game lifestyle but no friendships.
    Also, I don’t know if it is relevant but how do we use Daygame skills to do sales and create an online business as there is not much human interactions in it?

  12. Do you prefer podcasts, articles or videos

    Articles, articles, articles.

    I read much faster than I listen or watch. I basically don’t watch online videos. Infield videos are obviously very useful because one gets a sense of body language, but apart from that I never watch.

    Overall I find your work impressive and inspiring. Reading you and Nash inspired me to go out approaching in Nashville recently, for example: .

  13. honestly after I watched stealth seduction I started to feel Im getting better results and better responses from girls, and doing the dating process better….. maybe because Im 25 years old… I’ve learned a lot of things from you… Im watching you a couple of years now, and Im not into beginners material anymore.

    sometimes Im watching beginners stuff too for fun, but the best stuff is where Im learning the most is the podcasts… often finding some hidden gems when you fully opening your mind.

  14. I want to know how to handle the immorally thing what it comes when you full with girls….
    when I saw the nymphomaniac movie Ive got disgussed by myself…

    sorry if Im sending it a couple of times… not sure the blog sent it properly

  15. Dead end and flakes. Those two give me the most trouble because i can’t spot it soon enough or it turns into a flake.

    It’s ridiculous how many dead ends i get lately, first venue pitch perfect, second venue good wit maybe little resistance, bounce to my place, i get token LMR and a dead end with huge resistance.

    1. You might not be putting her in the sun bin when she’s back at yours. The reaction to resistance is go cold; go to the toilet, make a cup of tea or another drink. Go cold and turn your attention (i.e. value) off. Tom’s said before: “IOD for an IOD”. Just like mystery method is partly based on dog training manuals; don’t reward bad behaviour.

  16. Because you lose your frame during the process and are exposed as a fraud. First good impression -> weak frame -> girl realizes you are not what you appeared to be from the getgo. I call this the “Creepy Beta Syndrome”. Or you screw up the kino escalation?

  17. Thanks Tom for creating such great content. It helps me a lot and it gives me completely another perspective. I would like to see something more about black sheep things. Day game and chasing girls are important, but other things in life can be also great. In one of your podcasts you said that it is important to have some projects in life. I would like to listen to some interviews with people you know doing day game about other things they do it in their lives. Unless day game is so cool that they only sleep, eat and do day game all time 😉 Cheers.

  18. [beginner] In one of your videos you mentioned that women from my country (The Netherlands) have quite a masculin vibe. Is that correct/should i make adjustments? There are many 150-300k populated cities here where i try daygame. With the direct opener I almost exclusively hear No thanks, I have a boyfriend or they go 4th wall on me: Are you describing what i look like?! Weird -not amused- looks when i describe them as movie characters — note it’s not all negative: 50% turns red, some say nice try, good luck etc…. but not much progress, only one failed date in November after +/- 30 approaches.

  19. Not quite getting the front stop right.

    Thanks for all the content Tom. Most of the times my front stop goes wrong I have your street hustle but still not getting it quite right, if you can make a video of how to do the front stop that would be very amazing as I could not pick up just by reading. Thank you very much Tom.

    1. There is a clip. Check his Beginner Daygame clip. If u are starting out, try the side stop instead of the front stop. Target the slow walking girls first then work your way up to the fast walking ones.

  20. My favorite video of yours recently was the ‘First 90 Seconds” infield where you broke down the approach afterwards in detail. That type of analysis was helpful and I would love to see more of that kind of infield.

    Would also appreciate more content on long game. I live in a town near NYC and can only travel in every few weeks, so I’m always juggling a few long game leads.

    Peace Tom, and thanks for all that you do.

  21. God bless you. You beautiful bastard. I write this after getting like the umpteenth rejection of the day. I’m not bitter I know the hard work lies with me. However I’d like to know how do I make myself more attractive to girls. What mentalities do u have to adopt or mannerisms. Thanks Tom. Keep hustling player.

  22. Uncle Tom,your wisdom is limitless, specially, about human nature.I have a silly question that I would like to hear your input. As you know in USA beards are part of a new trend. Many guys in YouTube have argued that beards are very attractive to girls, so I was wondering what do you think about that, from a biological perspective??. Thanks, Uncle Tom.

    1. Not from a biological perspective but from a psychoanalytic one: beards and hair, especially red or earthy brown, is associated with “wildness”, freedom, and living “savagely”. Read Iron John: Men and Masculinity (the free preview on Kindle/Google Play books might actually get you as far as this point).

  23. hey man thanks for all the content you publish, I appriciate it!
    I started out approaching girls very early when I was fourteen, I gave my first kiss on my first date with a 13 years old girl. I approached girls like a “white knight” but at least I was brave enough to open hot girls. I discovered about “white-dark knights” only 20 years later!
    Had sex at 16 but I never heard of game until one year ago. (now I’m 38)
    I like your daygame model and love following your podcasts and vlogs about technique and how gameing is evolving over the years it is affascinating and inspiring.

    I love approaching girls not only for sex, it makes me feel alive, it makes me feel a real man.
    I’m not half as good as you in verbal game and often I don’t know what to say, but since I discovered your site I’m improving.
    I unconscoiusly relied on “state” to approach girls in clubs or during the night and had good success maybe because I’m pretty good looking and confident (when in “state”). I like the idea of relying on techniques instead of being in “state” and I never really cold direct-approached girls during the day until few month ago…
    That’s just something brief about me just to make you understand a little bit about my background.

    Anyway most of mylife I had long term relationships but after a while I always wanted to have sex with other girls, even if I love my girlfriend and have a good sex with her. but when it comes to girls It’s almost animalistic instinct, I really love flirting and I don’t enjoy paying for sex even if I could afford it.
    Among your content I never find daygame for guys who are in a long term relationship.

    Sometimes I tried to speak with my partners about open relationship with no success.
    When I flirt with girls I approach I (almost) always say to them I have a girlfriend, because I don’t like liyng and maybe I also fear that telling them about that later is even worse.
    I go on flirting and had many chance to have sex but most of the time I feel like I don’t pull the trigger as I would.
    I even would accept my girlfriend doing the same, open relationship would not be a huge problem, if I could be free to approach girls without any fear of being cought or judjed.
    Any advice? What would you say to the girls you approach if you had a girlfriend?
    thanks a lot man

  24. Hi Tom,

    A problem I’ve been having is with winter daygame. It is very difficult to see whether a target has a nice body when she has a winter coat on. How do you assess whether she has a hot body and is not fat when doing winter daygame?

  25. Definitely would love to see more black sheep stuff that is practical and doesn’t get too woo-woo self help. Would love to see more articles on being single into your older years, benefits and cons of marriage, maintaining frame in different situations including friends/work, both the benefits and the challenges of building the one-man brand, business lessons you’ve learned over the years, practical steps in building an online business, connecting with your passion/how to find it, more on flow..etc.

  26. Tom you change lives. Keep doing what you’re doing. You inspire men around the world and you should never stop! I would personally like to see more digital nomad stuff. I’m in my early 30s and in a relationship so I’m fucked in that respect…. but I really want to get off the corporate merry-go-round and be my own boss.

  27. Hey Tom,
    I would like to know how you go about setting multiple dates during the day. Do you just tell them in advance you only have 30 minutes or so? Do you do this through text or when you show up?



    1. John, some will flak last minute. It’s not about stressing through multiple dates in one evening it is more like overbocking like the airlines. They expect some passages to not show up using probability theory retrofitted to past data.

      Never stress during a date, it will make no one happy. But expect some girls to flake in the last second.

  28. Hi Tom I suggest one topics one book about ‘shit test’ because this commons problem for guys and we noobs:) can get by life experience but will be painful so maybe so can write everything what you know about then, what they are and what time girls/lady using

    Like today I get one from girl:
    Girl:Sorry if I was pretentious
    Me:I see you are kind of art soul;)

  29. Do not assume that everyone is coming from a nice guy persona, I am trying to come over from the dark side and I can only assume there are more like me.

    I really enjoyed your nice bad guy series as I have to dial down my shit, still working hard on it.

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