Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Been too needy over texts? Back off and leave it 48 hours before sending another ping.

Investing too much on the date? Lean back and stop talking. Let her be the one to re-engage.

Seeming too keen in the bedroom? Roll off and give it some breathing space.

Getting jealous in a relationship and losing the frame? Take a few days away from her with no contact.

Attraction is created in the push. Scarcity increases value. These are fundamental principles for all human interactions. So if in doubt, press the reset button by backing off from a text, a conversation or escalation with her.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to win.

5 thoughts on “Reset”

  1. “The Medium is the Message” – Rollo Tomassi

    If a plate isn’t spinning, disengage and focus on other plates. The beauty of this is you’ll always be operating in your frame. No sense in trying to figure out ways to get her back when you can focus on other girls.


    1. That’s a different point Onder (realising when she’s a No Girl and walking away). This article seems to be about the power of the roll off when YOU have done too much. I always forget to do this because I’m chasing notches as a newbie. Just my thoughts.


      1. Nope, it’s the same dynamic. Your ability to walk away at any stage of your relationship is where real test is and what keeps a girl on her toes. The approach phase is easy since there’s nothing invested besides approaching.


  2. Onder, “The Medium Is The Message” is about girls who are not interested in you and guys chasing them in scarcity.

    Tom is pointing out how you should roll off even when a girl is interested in you.

    Academic point but very important distinction.


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