Intermission break in daygame

I won’t be posting anything on my site or Youtube channel for a month so I can finish editing the daygame documentary and have a hibernation period away from hustling.

See you after Christmas. Over and out.

14 thoughts on “Intermission”

  1. First post ever on your site. Action – day game – results some numbers and some flakes got long way to go. General query in your opinion what do you consider a to be the worlds best day gamer.

  2. Good bumping into you yesterday Tom and thanks for the free demo! Hope she texted back she was tasty. See you in USA next year

  3. Met Tom today randomly in Bristol train station. Top bloke very amiable. We chatted over a cup of tea as he waited for his train. Haven’t started daygame yet but am inspired after the encounter today and Tom’s enthusiasm. I live in Bath if anyone else goes out to do it…

  4. You guys should look after girls and not Tom 😉 I had a shit day only ugly girls on the street today. Like 3s and 4s very strange and unusual.

    1. What city u in bro? Maybe get into malls and high end stores for hotties 😉

      Respect to Uncle T, he sent me his first book years ago for free when I was a broke ass freshman and had split with my gf. That book had the gold I needed.

      1. I am in Chernovitsi today but heading back to Kiev in a bit. I think I was out too early, woke up at 8 for some unknown and very mysterious reason.

        Not worried though just weird and stange thing to happen. I approached some 3s and 4s just to have done it, but they are very clingy and want to keep going even it I just want to warm up. Tonight I have a date with Emma stone in her 20s

  5. Still actively learning daygame in 300k cities or less. Bit of cheap self-torturing in tiny cities, trying not to get a bad reputation in all the stores haha. Saturdays are not bad volume-wise. It’s fun cos now i’m much more comfortable following a hottie a minute or two to see who she’s with before approaching. Usually adrenaline kicks in after two lines of stacking out of fear of running out of improv material.
    When I see a (shy) target flushing red quickly after my approach, should I: 1. ignore it and keep talking/stacking or 2. attempt to relax/tease her “So cute you’re turning red, i love it. You can relax i won’t eat you right away.”?

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