Daygame Documentary Premiere

Daygame Documentary Premiere - Tom Torero's Directorial DebutNo naughty behaviour on the back rows please

With the editing in its final stages thanks to a winter hibernation in Wales I’m happy to announce that we’ve got a date and a cinema for the daygame documentary London premiere ofΒ Hustle On.Β 

The 65 minute movie explores the stories of nine different daygamers around the world, from London, New York and Los Angeles to Sydney, Singapore and Munich. There’s lots of infield footage amongst the interviews and a wider look at what drives hustlers to hustle.

After the screening there’ll be a Q&A and a chance to meet many of those involved in the bar afterwards over a beer.

Daygame Documentary Premiere1 minute from Oxford Circus

WHAT: “Hustle On”Β daygame documentary film premiere and post movie Q&A

WHEN: Wednesday 3rd January 2018, 7-9pm

WHERE: Courthouse Hotel Cinema, 19-21 Great Marlborough Street

HOW MUCH: Β£5, advance tickets only (100 seat capacity)


28 thoughts on “Daygame Documentary Premiere”

  1. Great to hear the doc is close to being finished. For those outside of London will you upload this to Netflix or make it available to buy online ?

  2. Hi Tom. I don’t think you will remember but I came to your event called Girlfriend Sequence in 2013 I think it was. How the years have flown. Well since then I was doing game for two years until 2015 Christmas and from then I have a girlfriend. I will try to come to this film event to show my support and is it ok if I bring her with me?

  3. I would like to get ticket for the day game premiere how do i get one. I would also like to know if there are any discounts on your stealth seduction. I would like to know how can I purchase a ticket.

  4. Beers on me Tommy lad. Reading your 1st book in 2012 changed my life as I moved from Detroit to NYC and never looked back. Rock on brotha!

  5. Congratulations on this. Being a one man band and getting it out this fast is very impressive!

    Sadly I am not in the UK but hope I will be able to see it at a later date.

    Cheerio aus Ukraine

  6. Bodge in Texas
    Bought a couple of tickets to say thanks for the material but won’t be able to attend as I live in the US but congratulations on making this product & much gratitude for all you’ve done.

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