Season’s Greetings

Torero's Season's Greetings

Hoe hoe hoe 😉 Last December in Vegas. Long story. 

With the documentary editing finished and the cinema premiere organised my work is done for the year, except for a round up video and post which I’ll publish on the weekend. So just a wee message to wish you naughty bastards a happy holiday and a horny, healthy 2018. Thanks for all your support in whatever form, you’ve touched me deeply 😉

If you need something to watch with the family on Christmas day then here’s the drunk Las Vegas Santa video from last year that Craig and I shot. Your granny will love it…

16 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings”

  1. Your a real gentleman Tom. Thank you for all the posts and for taking the time to stop and chat when I met you in Sydney this year. You inspired me lots mate. Happy crimbo!

  2. Hi Tom thanks for the free content and hope you have a good xmas as well. I’m a bit of a broke ass student paying off debt. Are there any discounts on your products for guys like me under 21 and poor lol?

  3. Hey uncle Tom,

    Cheers and happy holidays in the UK. what’s your plan with the van? very excited to see you travelling on it during 2018,

    MG from Boston.

  4. Have a wonderful 2018 Torero. I follow your work because it has warmth, character, and soul. Excited about your van plan whatever that might be!

  5. Tom – I watched your sets on YouTube and read your blog. You seem to be enjoying yourself and kudos to you.

    A thing that I noticed will prompt a question later on in my comment.

    I noticed in the infield with the ice maiden in Poland (believe that she was a teacher and you opened her at Costas in the mall): I am surprised that no one mentioned in the comments about how she said that she believes that Africans shouldn’t be allowed to race marathons against white people. I would have ejected after such a backward comment. You chuckled a bit in disbelief but played it off well.

    That leads me to my question. Have you ever thought of doing anything that is more geared toward Black people. I am African American and I believe that even if I did everything 100% right in an open, my margin of error is razor thin because I am black.

    Not complaining because that is just how the world is. Perhaps you can blog on your thoughts about the race dynamic. I believe that while your methods works, race plays a huge factor as well, especially in Eastern Europe which I understand can be super racist.

      1. Thanks for sharing Thomas Crown. Listened to the podcast and it was a little bit insightful.

        Interestingly Mazz was spot on with black guys exclusively going for black girls. That’s what I would do in this early stage of my day game. Why? Because it’s a much much safer bet and I believe my failure rate would be lower vs any other races.

        Based on this podcast, I’ll be more open in my set selection and learn as I go on what best suits me.

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