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Pour yourself a whiskey, sit by the flickering fire and count your winnings from this year’s hustling. Maybe you keep daygame data like me of the approaches, dates and lays you experienced in the past 12 months. Now’s a good time to crunch the numbers and reflect on how things went. And then have another whiskey to either celebrate or commiserate.

Here’s my key vitals for 2017:

Approaches: Between 950 & 1150 (exact number not known)

First Dates: 82 (including instant dates)

New Notches: 32 (daygame only)ย 

I therefore got “rejected” around 1000 times in some form. My date-to-lay ratio was weaker than in previous years because I pulled too hard on many first dates and burnt good leads through lack of patience.

11 of the notches were Same Day Lays. 6 of the notches happened on the month-long world tour. The largest amount of dates I went on with one girl to get the notch was five.

Highlights were a dreamy Canadian in Sydney, a webcam porn star in Poland, a wild Colombian model and an enigmatic Japanese model.

There are far more “failures” than wins in pickup as I’ve often said. The data shows I got rejected overย thirty times more than I succeeded. There were a greater number of blue balls near-miss stories this year than I’m used to because of the over pulling, the laziness with long game and periods of daygame burnout where my vibe went to shit.

In this week’s podcast I’ll go over some of those failure stories from this year and what I’m going to change about my daygame for next year. Let me know how you got on, if your ratios improved and what you’re going to focus on in your 2018 naughtiness.

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  1. Splendid stuff. I’ll be whipping mine out in the next week too ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Out of interest, what do you count as an approach? I’ve been discussing this with others and it ranges from literally approaching to if “she gives you a shot” i.e. not an instant blowout.

    1. I’ve always counted an “approach” to be anytime you go up to a girl, even if she blows you out before the compliment. Just like in chess, if you touch the piece then it’s game on.

  2. Thank you Tom, this is very encouraging. I’ve been on on 23 dates this year against around 1000 approaches-a fair few from nightgame truth be told but 85% roughly from daygame. 21 of the dates were from daygame, 1 from nightgame and 1 from tinder (i know what you say about tinder and i mostly agree, but i’m actually still seeing this one cause she is HOT, ironically the hottest 1 i matched with and the only to actually come out).

    I skyped with you twice this year and this greatly improved my street closing and first date game. THANKS UNCLE TOM!

  3. Hello Tom,

    Thanks for the realistic stats and your work. I want to share my stats if I can. I made so much progress thanks to you, it’s the first year I go hard for daygame. I moved from France and went to eastern Europe to focus on this part of my life. I have a 9 to 5 job but i think that i could have approached more. Still, i’m satisfied with my results.

    Nb of approaches: 369
    Numbers: 149
    Numbers who replied: 93
    Number of dates: 36
    Number of kiss closes: 21
    Number of lays: 12

    Ratio Approach to Lay: 1 lay every 31 girls approached

    Nationalities (all new flags):
    Czech: 6
    Slovak: 2
    Russian (<3): 2
    Kazakh: 2 (met two and had sex with two, i should move there ? ;))

    Same day Lay: 1
    1st Date Lay: 2
    2nd Date Lay: 6
    3 Date Lay: 2
    6 Date Lay: 1 (Kazakh princess…)

    Beside daygame I had 2 lays with 1 hungarian and 1 american but those wouldn't have happened if i hadn't sharpened my frame doing daygame.

    First, i'm proud of getting lays in the east. When i moved there it was sooooo fucking difficult, girls have so much stronger frame than in France. In France you can fail shit tests, the girl will not be very hard on you. But in the east gentlemen, it's like playing Daygame in hard mode compared to the West. At least that's how I feel. For those who consider doing what I did and move there, i'd advise you to really get at least 10 daygame lays in your country and get the basics before going there.

    Highlights of the season:

    – My first same date lay, a very shy girl who nearly didn't speak at all and I thought she wasn't interested. I asked her if she had any tattoos and she showed me the big one she had in between her boobs. Took her home and +1.

    – My first girl who had a boyfriend. A beautiful czech. She didn't tell me but while she was in the toilets after sex i saw a text from her boyfriend sending her heart smileys ahahah

    – My first hat-trick. I approached 9 girls in may and I had sex with 3 of them in 3 consecutive days, friday, saturday and sunday. God that was powerful.

    – My first same day lay. Approached a girl in a mall, took her to starbucks, then to a cocktail bar, then to mine. She just broke up with her boyfriend after 5 years. She wanted to see me again but i never replied

    Thanks for everything Tom, my success belongs to you. God bless you !

    1. These results are top quality Jimmy, you should be proud, the open-close percentage doesn’t get much higher ๐Ÿ™‚ All that’s left is for you to increase the number of opens throughout the year. But great hustling achievements, really well done.

      1. Thanks Tom, I couldn’t have done it without you (and Street Hustle). Since it’s only been my real first year, I’m sure I can do better. I see a lot of areas I can work. Maybe I was lucky to achieve the 30/1 ratio on my first entire daygame year, we’ll see how 2018 goes ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Hello Jimmy,

      Great results!
      You are french? I am french and I think it is already difficult to seduce french girls.
      In which country are you in eastern Europe (czech republic?)

      1. I am, from Paris. Learned basics in Toulouse, couple of months in Paris and moved to CZ. For me Toulouse was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy easier than CZ to seduce girls. Same for Paris

    3. Hey dude, if someone who is from a western country like France then eastern Europe could be tougher for him but if someone who is from conservative country like Turkey or Armenia then The easter europe could be much easier for him.

  4. My results for 2017 (I do only daygame):
    Approaches: around 1000 (I don’t know exactly)
    First Dates: 17 (6 strangers and 11 french girls)
    Notches: 1

    I messed up a lot of dates at the beginning of the year (I was still in the friendzone) and then thanks to “Stealth Seduction” I improved my dates and got a lay at the end of the year ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you Tom for your teachings in 2017 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My plans for 2018: have more dates and convert more dates into lays.

  5. Tom thanks for your result it’s has given me further insight into game. Like yourself I’ve have made an excel sheet and been keeping track of my aprrpaoches and I’m a newbie so it’s not that great yet I officially started in December 2017 and I keep excel sheet with all your podcast and my data on how many approaches I do each day my target is 10 appraoch each day and I’m getting there even though I’m trying to get over my approach anxiety sometimes .i am getting numbers but they are flakong and since I purchased your stealth seduction it’s given me greater insight of which I’m working on. For last 3 weeks I been doing game I realised a lot of change in myself I’m am less needy I’m immune to rejection and can move on very quickly to the next girl Inow understand how game provides you abundance and not hardiness. Merry Christmas and happy New year Tom. Looking forward to 2018. What is that one advice you will give me if you were starting out today as a total beginner? Thanks for changing my life this game.

  6. Merry Christmas you beautiful bastard! You sure do practice what you preach it’s a refreshing change. I’ve yet to start daygame but it’s my NY mission.

  7. Hi Tom, I started daygaming in July just before my 35th birthday after previously being only a nightgamer and needed quite a bit of alcohol to approach. Used to feel very uncomfortable in my skin. As a digital nomad I was daygaming exclusively in Riga. I got to ca. 750 approaches at a 1 in 5 close rate. I guess more than half of them texted back. But no it gets bad: Went on around 10 dates and had only 1 lay on a day 2. If anything I was over escalating as I didnt have the patience for a day 2. Usually got a make out, 2 girls walked out on me, one slept over with unsurmountable LMR. This year I am going to daygame in different countries, as I heard Latvia is not the easiest. Still I feel disillusioned after having a lot of flirty sets and texts that just wouldnt go out on a date. Inner game wise, I do still feel a bit old and not good enough.Conclusion: for years I looked at girls during the day and just couldnt open my mouth and had to wait for the night, no I can approach direct. But being able to state what I want or like, doesnt mean I get it.

  8. I also had 4 insta-dates (2 with tourists, one on a park bench that led to a 15 min kiss close, but she wouldnt see me after). For overcoming fear I also did occasionally 2 sets, girls on phones. I also approached a lot in supermarkets, especially once it got cold. Also took contacts of baristas, hit on shop assistants when buying something. The approach to lay ratio is just fricking dismal, actually the approach to date ratio is even worse and the sticking point.

  9. Approached around 350, laid 5 of them and banged an additional 4 through other ways. My daygame ratios have improved in all areas, but I lose too many girls on the day 2, so I’ll focus on improving my dating in 2018.

    Thanks for all the great content you put out in 2017, really appreciate it ?

  10. Tom what is the quality breakdown of the lays? How many 7s, 8s, etc.?
    And what about the youngest and oldest and average age?

    For me,
    Most of 2017 I was in a relationship so only did 50 approaches (no dates or lays). 2016 was about 500 approaches, 4 first dates, no lays. In 2018 I’m aiming for 500 approaches, 8 first dates, one lay.

  11. Got back into game around september. Started out slowly. Have been counting sets since oct. 15th.
    Since then:
    151 opens
    4 lays from daygame.

    Moved from a 2 date model to bouncing home on the first date. So far all 4 tries have been successful. But only one ended in a 1st date lay. Understood the mistake and working on it since then.

    Right now I’m focusing on improving the first 30 seconds of the set – working on stacks with some spikes to make the set start with more emotion.

    Also working to make sure conversations aren’t friend-to-friend with sexual spikes about her career(if that’s the topic) and “I lied to you when I stopped you. I didn’t stop you because I simply like the way you look. few sec pause. It was your legs. I’d like to go out for some wine with you. What’s your name?”. Then Maradona move + tiger eyes, a bit more comfort and bye.

    Started testing closing this way only recently. It definitely makes the overall set better. Hard to judge how effective it is overall. I wonder if that’s not too sexual.

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